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Trip Management Directives-2018 : Civil servants continue to violate Foreign

  • Published on: August 15, 2019

  • By Our Reporter
    The civil servants who frequently made foreign trips under different pretexts are found flouting the provisions of the ‘Foreign Trip Management Directive-2018’.
    They hardly submit the detail reports about their trips, which is one of the provisions of the directives.
    Only the officials of the Home Ministry are found to have submitted such detail reports. However, sources at the Office of the Prime Minister and Council of Ministers (OPMCM) said that foreign trips of civil servants had been reduced significantly after the introduction of the directive.
    As per the Directives, every ministry has to publish the details of the foreign trips of its staff after the end of every fiscal year. But of the existing 22 ministries, including the OPMCM, only Home Ministry is found abiding by the Directives. The Ministry has made public the names of the officials who made foreign trips in the fiscal year 2018/19. According to the report of the ministry, 106 of its officials visited various countries in 2018/19.
    Fifteen first class officers, 46 under-secretaries, 43 section officers and two first class non-gazetted officers visited various countries in the last one year. However, joint-secretary and spokesperson at the Ministry of Home Affairs Ram Krishna Subedi and joint secretary Indu Ghimire had the largest number of foreign trips in a year with Subedi making seven trips and Ghimire six.
    As per the clause-8 of the Directive, after returning from any foreign trip, the leading official or coordinator of the respective visit has to submit the detail report within 15 days of the visits explaining the objectives of the visit, programmes and types, expected outcomes, leader/coordinator of the visit, and designation of the participants. But he OPMCM hardly receives report of the foreign trips from all the concerned ministries.


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