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Woman fed feces

  • Published on: August 19, 2019

  • Kathmandu, 19 August : Although accusation or assault on anyone on the pretext of practicing witchcraft is liable to fine and imprisonment in the country, the cases of women beaten black and blue or fed human feces on the same charge continues unabated.

    A group of women were reported to have forcefully fed human feces to a woman at Bhangaha Municipality-4 in Mahottari district on the charge of practicing witchcraft today.

    According to the District Police Office, Mahottari, some five/six women had allegedly forced the 35-year-old woman from Birta Village at Bhangaha Municipality-4 in the district to intake feces.  The accused perpetrators are Sabita Devi, Poshila Danuwar, Indra Devi Singh Danuwar, Sukeshwori Devi and Rajeshree Anuwar.

    As the incident was reported to police, police reached the site of crime where foul smell was emanating from the victim. The victim has been sent to a hospital for treatment.

    Police have arrested Sukeshwori Devi and Rajeshree, and have taken them to the Area Police Office for further investigation into the case.

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