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  • Published on: August 21, 2019

  • Significance of 1 Bhadra
    The government has totally neglected the significance of 1 Bhadra. 1 Bhadra is a historical day for Nepal and those deprived class of people in the country, as King Mahendra, on 1 Bhadra, 2020 BS had proclaimed the end of untouchables from the Nepali society. This proclamation was made through an amendment in the Muluki Ain [main law of the country].
    The difference in the situation then and now is that King Mahendra had wished to end the existence of those untouchable classes in the society, however, the present day leaders, by granting reservation for them, have tried to make people from this class a permanently untouchable class.
    Due to the attitude of the political leaders, those political leaders representing the untouchable class, complain that they are even unable to get houses on rent even in the capital city of Kathmandu.

    Consume electricity
    Everywhere, we hear of bad news only, but fortunately, sometimes, we can hear good news also. The good news for us is that the Nepal Electricity Authority, a solely government owned undertaking, has been able to increase its profit tremendously. Good management has made this possible. Increasing production of electricity and good governance are the reasons for making such a profit.
    At a time when all the government undertakings are facing losses and many of them have already shut down, NEA has displayed rays of hope that the government undertakings too can run in profit.
    NEA is not only important but also an organization which is considered as the lifeline of the country. In the Gulf countries, the petrol refining industries are considered as the important industries. Similarly, NEA, which is directly involved in hydropower industry, is very important for Nepal’s prosperity. If NEA will remain healthy and prosperous, Nepal’s hydropower industry can flourish. If hydropower industries can flourish, they will contribute to reduce the import of petro-products and other energy materials. Reduction of petro-products imports will contribute for a positive trade balance. Therefore, hydropower will play a significant role in flourishing the country’s economy. Be that as it may, let’s start using electricity while cooking food by replacing cooking gas in the first phase.


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