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Madhav Nepal’s demotion

  • Published on: August 21, 2019

  • By Our Reporter

    Madhav Nepal, former UML general secretary and former prime minister, has faced demotion in the party, whereas, his colleague, former party chairman and former prime minister Jhalanath Khanal has been promoted to the rank of the third senior leader in the party hierarchy. Now, Nepal is the fourth senior leader in the party.
    Oli takes revenge on Nepal: Prime Minister and party chairman KP Sharma Oli was well informed about the role of Madhav Nepal and his group to fail Oli in the party and the government as well.
    Madhav Nepal’s group was found running one office near Naya Baneshwar to organize its activities and that of Madhav Nepal and thus strengthen the organization. The Nepal faction in the party had believed that due to Oli’ selfish and individual style of working, other senior leaders will be compelled to join this group. Nepal had believed that JN Khanal, Bamdev Gautam and also Pushpakamal Dahal will join the Nepal camp and Oli will be isolated in the party.
    The Nepal camp had even prepared the homework to reward JN Khanal to the post of President by ousting Bidhya Bhandary from the President’s post. Also the Nepal group was thinking about finishing Oli’s politics by isolating him in the party politics.
    Oli, who was informed about all these activities, became successful to isolate Madhav Nepal in the party.
    Oli has convinced Prachanda to reward him with the position of executive chairman of the party. Similarly, Oli and Prachanda have rewarded Bamdev with the post of deputy chairman of the party and also chief of the party’s organization department.
    Accordingly, Oli has rewarded JN Khanal by providing him the third position in the party hierarchy by demoting Madhav Nepal to the fourth position.
    Madhav Nepal is not happy with the present decision of the Oli camp but he is not in a position to react immediately. Madhav had proposed to reward Bhim Rawal, Aastalaxmi Shakya and Yubraj Gyawali, who all were vice chairmen in the UML party, but Oli didn’t listen to Madhav’s advice.
    Oli is even ready to take action and oust Madhav Nepal from the party if Nepal will try to trouble Oli further.


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