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Nepal favors India-Pakistan dialogue for regional peace and stability; Regime change in Nepal likely; China backs Pakistan at UNSC, US for reducing tensions in Kashmir

  • Published on: August 21, 2019

  • RAW chief Samanta Kumar Goyal did his assigned job in Nepal July 20, 2019, to the satisfaction of his masters-the former British colony. He accomplished his tasks with proper finesse which means taught some new lessons to his recruits and greeted some new entrants into his body politic. Mr. Goyal is a strong Indian nationalist not of the sort of the Nepalese of the likes of Lendhup Dorjes.
    What he did was creating permanent fissures in between the two indoctrinated political men at the highest level whose fall outs could be seen in the colored pages of the vibrant Nepal’s media.
    It is thus very natural to conclude that the top RAW agent spoke two different things to the two differing political men: the one who was trained right in Delhi on the spot and the other got “distant” learning from Delhi.
    The distant learning was from Emperor Akbar’s capital was provided in lieu of the honesty exhibited in the Mahakali River Treaty ratification in the nineties. Later the Medanta Hospital benevolence followed for some good years.
    Yes. It is the talk of Comrade Prachanda and of Prime Minister KP Oli. Both claim that they were communists but are not. People take them as fake communists. We have nothing to comment.
    Had Karl Marx been alive, he would have committed suicide looking at these thug communists whose prime job has been to collect money and hit hard the national exchequer under this or that pretexts.
    Comrade Prachanda is talked to have collected money in billions and PM Oli has just begun draining the national coffer by making trips to Singapore in series for the treatment of a disease that has not been made known to the people whose tax matter for such bogus treatment in “foreign” countries. Tax payer’s money must be counted.
    Sources say that PM Oli’s Kidney(s) have become non-functional in that the medicines that had been prescribed by the Singapore Hospital just the last week have not responded well which means that either the medicines have to be changed after yet another thorough examinations by once again visiting the same hospital in Singapore or his already transplanted Kidney(s) need one more transplantation. This is then a serious matter.
    The State coffer is being drained once again. See the outcome of the Indian national Shyam Saran gifted Republican order? The people even can’t weep.
    While wishing the PM a speedy recovery, the people who voted for him during the last parliamentary elections (in fact the voters were duped) the people urge the PM must to tell the people as to which disease is paining him and in the process how long he will be draining the country’s national exchequer?
    Nepal as a nation-state can’t pay such inflated hospital bills and carry the weight of the heavy expenses that are due to the near and dear ones of the Prime Minister who stick to him as and when the PM prefers a luxurious trips abroad? Few parasites are always glued to the PM in his visit whose total inflated expense the State has to pay. This is outrageous.
    Enough should be enough. Thanks the “impotent” population who have no courage to come out to the streets against this brazen loot of the national coffer by a selected few political men, Prachanda and PM Oli included. Shame on all the face book and Twitter warriors including this scribe.
    Prachanda, almost a “national burden” of Nepal too visited recently Dubai with his entire family men and obviously the State must have paid the hotel bills.
    Isn’t it a matter of utter shame? Why the nation should pay for the luxury trip of Prachanda and his family and by the same token why the State should pay the bills of PM KP Oli in Singapore and that too repeatedly?
    PM Oli if he thinks that he was an intelligent person then he should feel the pulse beat of the nation and stop squeezing the nation for financing his mysterious disease. Why he doesn’t sell his posh bungalow in Balkot for his personal treatment? Hatred against PM Oli and his hangers on is increasing.
    This applies to PM”s advisors who of late have been posing as if they were the de jure Prime Minister of Nepal. In effect they were nothing but parasites in that the day PM Oli is out from power, these parasites shall begin finding another personality to hang around. That’s it because parasite are parasites and they will remain as vermin.
    Let not talk the rubbish politics that it is. The PM is shortly leaving for Singapore but will not fail to see the BJP Card holder who is coming to Nepal on August 21. Mr. Shankar must have brought some instructions for our honorable PM from his Indian counterpart-the regional bully that PM Modi is by all means.
    Let’s talk of Pradip Giri who has recently (and very deliberately) talked of the Indian establishment which, says Giri point blank, “Nepal remains under the mercy of the Indian establishment or else should India desire, the next moment Nepal shall turn into the Sikkim-2”. In an oblique manner Giri hints that India is thinking “big” for Nepal a la Sikkim.
    Shri Pradip Giri, a senior Nepali Congress man having clear India bend is taken as a Nepali leader having strong connections with the Indian Congress and is also talked to be a serious admirer of Shyam Saran-the former Indian foreign secretary who brought Nepal to this pathetic state through the effective use of “money, muscle, and media”, who though is a Nepali national but ever dreams, talks, observes, debates and eulogizes India and India only, claim his own party insiders. But isn’t it yet his democratic rights?
    Mr. Giri is a great philosopher of Nepal and is taken as the reservoir of knowledge.
    Mr. Giri was the one, according to some high placed sources, who was beaming when some third grade Indian leaders, late Chandra Shekhar, Hindu fundamentalist S. Swamy, MJ Akbar, H. S Barnala and some more thug communists, came to Kathmandu in 1990, to threaten King Birendra. King Birendra compromised to his people but not to the Indian regime.
    Pradip Giri is also taken as a Nepali scholar who brought late GP Koirala closer with Prachanda and Dr. BR Bhattarai in Delhi (under instructions?) which gave a formal shape to the Shyam Saran drafted 12 point Delhi agreement which was binding on Nepal, it is rumored. It was this agreement which did away with the Nepali monarchy once and for all. Mr. Giri, claim Delhi watchers that he is still close to the Indian Congress.
    Whether it is Mrs. Sonia Gandhi or PM Modi, both are inimical to Nepal simply because Nepal has braved blockades during Rajiv Gandhi’s time and also in Modi’s premiership, 2015. The next blockade is eagerly awaited.
    Rumors say that Giri was the one along with his likeminded colleagues who encouraged India to continue with the 2015 blockade for an indefinite period. However, this remains yet to be substantiated.
    Interestingly, that Pradip Giri’s abrupt talk of making Nepal yet another Sikkim if India so desired has made the country men to ponder over as to how this nation has as yet remained sovereign and independent braving such India trained and indoctrinated Nepali nationals including a large section of Nepal’s Indo-pendent media? This is puzzling indeed.
    What is more than interesting is that Pradip Giri is being taken to task by a man who had landed in Kathmandu some two decades ago with an assigned Indian objective to uproot the institution of the Nepali monarchy and now with the monarchy gone, he has undergone a dramatic transformation in himself whose net result has been that the same man is now working day in day out for the restoration of the same ousted monarchy for the ouster of which he himself remained contributory, if he recalls his own past dubious acts. Nothing to panic.
    Thus Pradip Giri is playing a fair game in that he is not hiding his political credentials or say his inner faith and love for the Indian Union.
    If one Nepali loves mother India then what is the harm? It is his democratic right. However, whether such acts were morally correct or otherwise, is an issue that the concerned national must feel himself and decide whether it was correct or not? Others have little to interfere on such a complicated issue.
    Now let’s talk of the party led by Comrade KP Oli.
    In s very smart move, PM Oli has clipped the wings of his permanent bete noir – Mr. Madhav Kumar Nepal. In fact he has demoted Mr. Nepal and elevated the ranks of Comrade JN Khanal. Mr. Nepal was the country’s PM even if he was not elected. But then he enjoyed “blessings” from above.
    If Mr. Nepal is taken as an India man then Khanal obviously has the Beijing tag.
    The “timely” demotion of Mr. Nepal and the subsequent “timely” elevation of Mr. Khanal has some message underneath.
    By demoting Nepal does PM Oli prefer to signal India that he would prefer instead a Nepali national from his party being elevated who has a comfortable inclination towards Beijing?
    However, whether Beijing takes Mr. Khanal as its confidante or not is not known but what is known is that Mr. Nepal is more than hundred percent a man having India bend in that rumors say that Mr. Madhav Nepal was the one who even proposed that the “Indian military be invited inside Nepal to tame King Birendra”.
    It was the time of the 1990 India sponsored political movement in Nepal. However, Madan Bhandari, the husband of the incumbent President Mrs. Bidya Devi Bhandari, scolded Mr. Nepal for having proposed the absurd. Late Bhandari reportedly said to Mr. Nepal then, “Good or bad, Birendra is our King. We will settle our differences on our own. No question of inviting a foreign military for our exclusive political affair in Nepali soil”. Later Mr. Bhandari was murdered. He had an enigmatic death which remains yet a thrilling mystery.
    So this should give some inkling into Mr. Madhav Nepal’s political inclination and preference. Yet he is a senior political man.
    Mr. Khanal though is taken as a man close to Beijing, however, he has never talked in open that he prefers Beijing over Delhi.
    The fact though is that Mr. Khanal is the first ever Nepali Prime Minister who was not invited by India upon his assumption of Nepal Prime Ministerial chair. India broke its own tradition as a matter of fact.
    This too must have some inner meaning.
    Thus PM Oli prior to his next trip to Singapore, has kept his party men engaged in a sort of conflict. It is likely that Mr. Nepal shall do all he can to destabilize PM Oli by aligning himself with Comrade Prachanda, the Delhi man, who has begun lamenting that he committed a blunder for having merged his party with the UML. He says “I should have not made moves to unify the Maoists party with that of the UML”.
    This perhaps explains his inner restiveness. Now Mr. Nepal is the one who shall console Prachanda as both have felt that they have been duped by PM Oli.
    Look what PM Oli said the other day which was a signal to Prachanda that “I will be in the current Chair for full five years”.
    It is this mental distress associated with a severe political jerk to Mr. Nepal and Comrade Prachanda which shall be exploited by the Indian regime cleverly and through these two Nepali nationals, the Indian regime shall in all likelihood destabilize PM Oli’s tenure in government whose primary aim would be henceforth to abort President Xi’s likely Nepal visit this year.
    The BJP card-holder foreign minister of India, Mr. Shankar is arriving this 21 August who shall dictate his own terms and conditions to Nepal or else what Pradip Giri has said would be observed in reality.
    Mr. Shankar is already annoyed with Nepal because of the “unexpected” statement came out almost against Indian aggression on Kashmir dated August 5.
    Though late but Nepal made a measured statement on the Indian action on Kashmir wherein Nepal’s foreign minister Pradip Gyawali said “Nepal as the current chair of SAARC favored regional peace and stability”. Nepal did not issue a formal statement as such but yet made its official stance known through the effective of media. The Minister talked to the press this Monday which was an official gathering organized by the Foreign Minister.
    Gyawali also urged India and Pakistan to maintain clam in order to retain peace in the region”.
    In saying so, Nepal’s foreign minister talks straight that Nepal as the current Chair of the SAARC regional body would like to see no disturbances in the regional peace and stability and that since Nepal has urged both India and Pakistan to observe calm means that the Kashmir issue can’t be seen in isolation as India would prefer and that the use of the word “urged both” definitely means that it was a disputed territory and that both India and Pakistan must not do any acts that disturbs the prospects of peace and stability in the region.
    Nepal thus clearly states that since it was a dispute in between Pakistan and India and thus it should be these two countries to work for the prevalence of peace and stability in this region.
    In saying so Nepal hints that she prefers dialogue in between the two friendly countries so that the South Asian region takes a sigh of relief.
    Nepal as a matured nonaligned nation made a statement that favored UNSC’s meet which demanded that talks be held in between the two countries and also keeping in mind the UN resolutions made in the past.
    The UNSC has made several decisions to this effect in the past.
    Nepal’s statement also tallied with that of China verbatim and Russia’s in an oblique manner. This could be a good reason for India to initiate a regime change step so that the China preferring regime comes to the foot path to be replaced by an India preferred system as demanded by Prachanda and Madhav Nepal and many others including Pradip Giri perhaps.
    The visiting BJP minister must have sounded his displeasure while meeting his less competent counterpart as far as diplomatic acumen is concerned.
    Yet one has to laud Mr. Gyawali who made a statement this time on Kashmir which must have thoroughly shaken the Indian establishment PM Modi plus together with his “gang”.
    In making a standard factual statement on Kashmir, Nepal has thus been able to reject late Dr. K.I. Singh’s faulty assertion that Kashmir was an “internal matter of India”.
    Dr. Singh was Nepal’s Prime Minister for a few months in the mid-fifties. Dr. Singh was dismissed by King Mahendra for having made a wrong statement that was an India tilted one on Kashmir.
    Nepal has talked of the SAARC body in the said statement which must have panicked India from within as India prefers BIMSTEC now over SAARC. The Indian tail BIMSTEC too shall die because of Indian hegemony. Just wait.
    Whether India likes it or not, the ground reality is that Kashmir is an issue that has been “internationalized” by now.
    The UNSC says that the previous resolutions too should be taken into account while taking up the issue at the “bilateral” level to which, as stated earlier, the Indian envoy too has admitted that India was ready to honor the Shimla agreement.
    Mr. Shankar, let’s presume, must have instructed his “mercenaries” to act against PM Oli and create a political environment which averts and aborts the visit of President Xi Jinping in Nepal. Mr. Shankar even may prefer Nepal being restored a Hindu State.
    President Xi must have smiled in listening that Nepal too came in support of Pakistan-China’s iron brother.
    Be that as it may, by feeling and then supporting the Pakistani stance at the UNSC August 16, China has proved that she can go to any extent in helping China. This has become clear. (The CPEC upon completion shall begin changing the regional scenario in and around Central Asia and much beyond).
    However, India got a severe diplomatic jolt from near to a protectorate nation which is Nepal. India must have fallen flat.
    Though Nepal’s statement came late comparatively, however, what appears more than evident that this country was just awaiting as to how the UN Security Council reacts to the Kashmir issue inside the UN closed hall.
    In a daring move, the Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Qureshi on August 18 has summarily challenged Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to hold a referendum, if he could dare, in the Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK) if PM Modi really wants to end the disputed territory’s autonomous status.
    This was a direct challenge. But will PM Modi dare to do so?
    Kashmiri people as of August 20, we have been told are just awaiting the government restrictions to be lifted so that they could come to the streets as usual to signal Delhi that they were not happy with the August 5 steps.
    Keeping in mind the lifting of imposed restrictions, FM Qureshi challenged the Indian premier to lift the curfew in the occupied valley and to invite the entire Kashmiri leadership, including former chief ministers and Hurriyat leaders, to see what the opinion of the Kashmiri people is?
    He lauded the convening of the UNSC meet though India wanted to foil the meet and said that the UNSC once again reiterated that Kashmir was a registered “disputed” territory now.
    The Security Council met August 16 and the Chinese Ambassador as one of the UNSC member tentatively spoke on behalf of the entire Security Council member states and said to the international media immediately upon the conclusion of the UNSC meet.
    Although the meeting took place behind closed doors in New York, the Chinese Ambassador, Zhang Jun, spoke to reporters outside the chamber following deliberations, urging both India and Pakistan to “refrain from taking any unilateral action which might further aggravate” what was an already “tense and very dangerous” situation.
    Ambassador Zhang Jun stressed on the word “unilateral action”.
    Ambassador Zhang further said that the Council members had “expressed their serious concern” concerning the current situation in Jammu and Kashmir…The Kashmir issue should be resolved properly through peaceful means, in accordance with the UN Charter, the relevant Security Council resolutions and bilateral agreements.”
    Maliha Lodhi too spoke and said that her country lauds the efforts of the UNSC members’ states more so of China which backed the Pakistan’s move to the hilt. She took the UNSC Meet as the victory of the Kashmiri population.
    In a fresh tweet August 18, 2019, the Pakistani Premier Imran Khan has said that, “India has been captured, as Germany had been captured by Nazis, by a fascist, racist Hindu Supremacist ideology and leadership”.
    “This threatens 9 million Kashmiris under siege in [India-Occupied Kashmir] for over two weeks which should have sent alarm bells ringing across the world with U.N. Observers being sent there.”
    Writes Eoin Higgins, a staff writer for the ‘Common Dreams’ online portal that “India’s behavior, according to PM Khan was evidence of “the link between the Nazi ideology and ethnic cleansing and genocide ideology of the RSS-BJP Founding Fathers.”
    However, Prime Minister Modi in a veiled attack at Imran Khan, says that certain leaders in the region were inciting anti-India violence which is not conducive to peace. He also highlighted the importance of creating an environment free from terror and violence and eschewing cross-border terrorism without exception, sources close to India have said.
    Perhaps Modi made these observations while making a telephone call to President Donald Trump Sunday.
    Who is disturbing peace in the SA region? Who else knows better than Nepal? It is PM Modi who is the regional bully, the US President must understand.
    People in Nepal love to hate him for several political reasons.
    Bhutan must have been shivering after Modi’s fresh visit to Thimpu.
    While India claims that Russia voted in favor of the Indian action, however, the fact is that “the Jammu and Kashmir crisis should be resolved by India and Pakistan on a bilateral basis”, is what has been said by Russia’s Acting Permanent Representative to the UN Dmitry Polyansky told reporters on Friday, August 16, 2019.
    “We are in favor of a bilateral track/talk between India and Pakistan,” the diplomat stressed, adding that Moscow was very much concerned about the potential escalation.
    This explains as to where lay the Russian vote on Kashmir this time inside the UNSC.
    Even the senior Congress leader Ghulam Nabi Azad on Monday, August 20, demanded the reversal of the “wrong” decisions taken by the Centre on Jammu and Kashmir and release of all the detained political leaders, writes India Today.
    In the meanwhile, some highly qualified and sensible Indian brains have jointly said that “We condemn government’s division of people and territories from above, subverting the very basis of our constitutional federalism”, so says a statement issued by A Mangai, Amitav Ghosh, Ashok Vajpeyi, Nayantara Sahgal, TM Krishna, Githa Hariharan among others.
    They further write that “We, Indians who are writers, artists, media persons and cultural activists, condemn the undemocratic and unconstitutional moves of the government in Jammu & Kashmir.
    The statement further states that “We demand the restoration of Article 370, and the restoration of the state of Jammu & Kashmir. We declare our solidarity with the Kashmiri people, and call on all our fellow citizens to resist this authoritarian challenge to the freedom and autonomy of Jammu & Kashmir, so writes News Click dated August 16, 2019.
    For the Road: President Donald Trump in his Tweet August 19, says that “spoke to my two friends , Prime Minister Modi of India, Prime Minister Khan of Pakistan, regarding trade , Strategic partnerships and most importantly for India and Pakistan to work towards reducing tensions in Kashmir . A tough situation, but good conversations”.
    The US President hopes of reducing tensions in Kashmir means that the US views Kashmir conflict as a disputed territory and thus urges both India and Pakistan to work that eases tensions in and around Kashmir valley. This by implications means that the US too takes the same stance as that which has been taken by China. This has some political meaning. Pakistan is a strategic partners of the US is what the President claims in his Tweet. That’s all.


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