• Friday 20th September 2019

Ridiculous Politics

  • Published on: August 21, 2019

  • It’s no longer just incredible. It’s been a while since Nepali politics has lost much of its credibility. We have now reached a phase where politics is subject to ridicule in practice. The most recent example of this is the case of two journalists, one deceased, heating the political market to ridiculous proportions. A journalist is found hanging in Chitwan. Crowds emerge on Chitwan streets claiming this was no suicide but a murder. The crowd expresses utter disbelief at the prospect that the police who sooner or later had to emerge at the scene would probe the case professionally. ‘Viola’ a video tape emerges for circulation where the deceased alleges that another journalist, his former employer, drove him to suicide. Another crowd emerges debunking the allegations claiming that the alleged has been framed. The police, still investigating what is still a suicide case is now being asked at the same time by street crowds to take up a murder case and a case of extortion and murder at simultaneously. There is none to remind the crowd that parties named in this mystery case must be investigated upon even if such parties are to be taken into custody and there is none to caution them against any public action that may prejudice the allegations. Indeed, among the many mysteries of this mystery case is from where and how these crowds are appearing on the streets. Adding to the fuel to render the case further mysterious is the media who must cover the case for very credibility’s sake despite its sub judice nature from the very investigative stage since the streets have so highlighted the case and the media must cover the streets.
    And then we come to the manner of the case itself. Nobody is saying who circulated the suicide tape so widely covered in the media. The deceased is said to claim that his former employee evidently is operating an extortion racket in the name of investigative journalism. That he was driven into suicide by the employer evidently enables law to accuse the employer of murder, the evidence, of course being the suicide not or the tape. The journalist thus accused of murder, the case as yet has to be registered, does run a popular investigative program and has evidently garnered a mass following for his daring exposes. That mass following is evidently on the streets claiming that the exposes hit hard people at high corners provoking a frame up for which the journalist that committed suicide has become the fall guy for purposes of arresting and charging his former employer of murder. All these versions coming out in the streets and in the media renders the case itself ridiculously exposed to a law and order system that has been the most seriously threatened aspect of government non performance for quite a while now.
    A media sadly exposed for more reasons than one adds to the utter disbelief on government institutions by echoing the streets which is virtually reflecting the popular ridicule of not just the law and order system but also the belief in the government machinery outright and, by doing so, undermining the state altogether. What is ridiculous is the credence government helplessness in insistence on laws and regulations gives to the people outright. Indeed, government party members who have finally over-ridden party unification efforts through the allocation of portfolios themselves now say that the party is outright ignoring statute and regulations for political gains in their own parties. Looks like the streets are saying everything has reached ridiculous proportions these days and so the streets must rise to each and every occasion in opposition.


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