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The beauty of “loktnatra”

  • Published on: August 21, 2019

  • Baburam Bhattarai, the “revolutionary” leader who was very much involved in the drafting of the present constitution, is still dissatisfied with the constitution. According to him, there should be at least around 12 to 14 provinces with the total autonomy of each province based on ethnic representation. Understandably, this idea is not a proposal completely thought about by him. It is a proposal prescribed by his foreign bosses. It is well known that Bhattarai, a Christian “mercenary”, is the blue-eyed boy of anti-Nepal and anti-China Indian scholar SD Muni. Some observers even blame Bhattarai of working for the Indian intelligence since his student days. Bhattarai had received his P.Hd degree from the JNU as a reward for his service to the nation (India). Bhattrai, presently, is close to the Indo-Western lobby comprising of former external affairs secretary of India Shyam Sharan, ambassadors working under him during his tenure in the South Block and RAW officials having Christian belief. However, the present Indian establishment is not comfortable with the role of Bhattarai and his other political partner Upendra Yadav. Nevertheless, the Indian intelligence has designed for integration of the Yadav-Bhattarai’s party Socialist Party Nepal and Rastriya Janata Party, however, the Indian establishment has not liked the performance of Yadav and Bhattarai, due to which, the integration process of the two tarai based parties has been delayed.
    During his entire lifetime, Bhattarai always served his foreign bosses. When he became the prime minister, he started the move to expand the Kathmandu roads. His plan behind this roads expansion project was to demolish and dump the statues and archeological sites around the Kathmandu roads. He had tried to demolish the Martyrs Gate in the name of expansion of roads. Meanwhile, his plan was to trouble those Kathmandu people who had constructed house besides the roads. In the name of expansion of the roads, private houses were bulldozed without any compensation being given to the house owners. Later, some house owners went to the court and the court gave the order to pay compensation of such buildings as per the market price set by the government. The road expansion project in Kathmadu is yet to be completed. Thousands of houses were demolished, roads were broken, thus transforming Kathmandu Valley into a city of dust and mud. Thousands of the Kathmandu citizens, specially children and elderly people suffered from respiratory problem and also in simply walking from here to there.
    A question that almost all people ask to Bhattarai is whether the expanded roads have resolved the Kathamdu Valley’s problems or has it worsened it? Whether the traffic problem in the capital city has been resolved from the expanded roads or not? Of course not! From the budget spent for road expansion project, a new satellite city could have been developed somewhere near Kathmandu Valley.
    Kathmandu, a city of rich heritage, has already become over crowded. Bhattarai, an architect engineer by profession, must have some sense about the high density of the population in the Valley, which has to be shifted to other parts of the country. To save Kathmandu or to save this heritage city, the political capital of the country has to be shifted somewhere else.
    Unfortunately, our leaders of this ‘loktantrik” Nepal don’t think for the betterment of the country or their motherland. They think and act against the interests of their own motherland. The beauty of this loktantra is to think and act not for the country, but for his/her own benefits and for the benefit of their family and relatives only.
    Donation to save federalism:
    Four different European countries have donated 11 billion rupees to Nepal, as the country’s internal resources were unable to meet the increasing expenses of the government since the adoption of a federal structure.
    The Norwegian government has donated 20 million US dollars, the Swiss government has donated two million US $, the United Nations 2 million US$ and the European Union 40 million US$. Also, The British Government, under the DFID, has donated 28 million US$ to make a success of federalism.
    Yes, we know, as the present constitution was introduced in the greater interests of the Western countries, they have come to support Nepal to implement the very constitution they wanted. But the question is how long will the Westerners provide funds to implement this constitution, which is not compatible to the Nepali society! Let the political leaders enjoy with such donations!
    India may make Nepal a Sikkim or Bhutan:
    Last week, NC leader Pradeep Giri, while addressing the session of the parliament, said that if India can, she will make Nepal another Sikkim or Bhutan. Yes, this is true. Perhaps, the Indians have asked Giri to convey this message to the Nepali people! In the past, India had annexed Sikkim, an independent nation in the Himalayas and Bhutan, although said an independent nation, is an India protected nation. Just recently, India forcefully removed the special status of Jammu Kashmir and formally annexed the India occupied territory of Jammu and Kashmir. The Indian imperialism has always been a threat for the existence of smaller sovereign and independent nations in the region. Some observers even predict that after Sikkim, Bhutan and Kashmir, it is Nepal’s turn to face the Indian imperialism. The Shah kings and our brave ancestors had safeguarded and protected Nepal and we had never been a colony of any of the foreign powers in history. The present situation is different. The majority of the political leaders have become the slaves of the foreign powers. They are found running behind the foreign powers to save their chair or to be rewarded with the power. Therefore, the present time is very crucial for the patriotic Nepalis who want to see Nepal as a sovereign and independent nation.


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