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Kathmandu expensive destination for air-passengers

  • Published on: August 24, 2019

  • Kathmandu, 23 August: Airfare to Kathmandu is comparatively higher than other destinations in the region. International flight operators have complained that the major factor to make the flight expensive is the fuel price.

    The Nepal Oil Corporation is charging $1,050 per kilolitre in refueling aircrafts at TIA. The price is double than the price in India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka.

    Recently, the Turkish Air, which is connecting Nepal with the European countries and the US, has said that it would stop flights to Kathmandu if the Nepal government would not review the fuel price.

    Accordingly, other international airlines are complaining that the Kathmandu flights have become infeasible.

    If the government will not review the fuel price, it may affect the Visit Nepal Year 2020. The government has aimed to bring 2 million tourists during the Visit Nepal Year.

    The Nepal Airlines is learnt to have refueling its aircrafts in foreign airports due to the unaffordable price of the air fuel charged by Nepal Oli Corporation at TIA.

    The international flights operators have also complaint that the ground handling charge and other charges levied by the TIA authority have made the Kathmandu destination more expensive than the flights to other destinations in the region.

    The government has imposed different taxes on petro-products import, which has caused the petro-products expensive in Nepal. Accordingly, NOC has subsidized its loss in LPG, petrol and diesel, due to which the aircraft fuel has become costly.

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