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Nepal-India ministerial level meeting: What Nepal achieved?

  • Published on: August 24, 2019

  • Kathmandu, 24 August: What are the achievements for Nepal from the recent Nepal-India ministerial level meeting, diplomatic observers have started to review.

    It is learnt that the Foreign Ministry had stressed on resolving old impending bilateral issues rather than introducing new projects. Nevertheless, the meeting didn’t address many of the impending issues.

    Indian External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar had arrived Kathmandu on Wednesday, 21 August to attend the two-day joint meeting scheduled for 21 and 22 August. However, the meeting was concluded on the same day, i.e. Wednesday.

    Mainly, two visible outcomes were witnessed from the meeting. Firstly, both the countries have agreed to accept quarantine certificate of each other countries especially in imports of agro-products to each other’s country.

    Secondly, India has released 2.5 billion rupees worth cheque for reconstruction projects out of the amount that India had committed four years ago — after Nepal suffered devastating earthquake.

    Besides, the two issues mentioned above, the meeting was unable to finalize other issues, including receiving the EPG report by the prime ministers of both the countries. The meeting has decided to handover the task to the foreign secretary of the respective countries.

    Nepali Foreign Minister Pradeep Gyawali said that the EPG reports will be received by the prime ministers of both the countries at an appropriate time. In diplomacy, this is the message that the Indian PM is not interested to receive the EPG report or say, he is reluctant on reviewing the unequal 1950 treaty.

    Accordingly, many issues that were tabled by Nepal, such as compensation on victims of Koshi and Gandak projects, impending projects such as Pancheshwar, Upper Karnali, border disputes, inundation of Nepali land in Nepal-India borders, trade deficit, connectivity, energy, water resources, railway, have been entered in the joint meeting, nevertheless, the meeting was unable to discuss further on them.

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