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Hotel Yak & Yeti operating illegally

  • Published on: August 25, 2019

  • Kathmandu, 25 August: Hotel Yak & Yeti in Durwarmarg is being operated illegally as its license has not been renewed. The Hotel, which is run by Radheshyam Sharaff, an Indian national, is found involved in transaction of foreign currency without renewal of its license, reports Annapurna Post daily. Renew was expired in Mangshir (October-November).

    As renew was failed, the government has suspended all the facilities related to tourism being provided to the hotel.

    Sharaff is the major investor of the Hotel, in which, above 90 persons are shareholders.

    The Hotel has not paid royalty worth 11 crore 87 lakh 50 thousand rupees to the government for last three years, due to which, the Hotel’s renew was failed.

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