• Friday 20th September 2019

Communist government unfriendly with North Korean citizens  

  • Published on: August 26, 2019

  • Kathmandu, 26 August: Under the strong pressure from the US authorities, the Nepal Communist Party government has performed unfriendly behavior with the North Korean citizens and discouraged their investment in Nepal.

    After frequent pressure from the US authorities and also media campaign against the North Korean citizens, the government has stopped providing visa to them and thus they have been compelled to return their own country by closing their business in Nepal.

    The American authorities have even learnt to have complaint to the Nepali authorities that the North Korean citizens were involved in hacking American financial Websites by running offices in Kathmandu.

    Since then, the North Korean citizens were under the strong surveillance of the security organs, however, they were unable to get any evidences that the North Korean citizens were involved in website hacking activities.

    The Home Ministry has decided to stop visa for the North Koreans discouraging their stay here.

    Meanwhile, online portal www.khabarhub.com, which is being operated under the western investment from Kathmandu, had produced series of reports alleging the North Korean and Chinese citizens being involved in hacking American Websites from different part of Kathmandu.

    The portal’s main goal is discourage Chinese investment, campaigning against BRI by mobilizing Nepali financial experts and discouraging Chinese presence in Kathmandu and serving American and Western interests, said a highly placed source.

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