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Republicanism under threat!

  • Published on: August 28, 2019

  • By P.R. Pradhan

    The erstwhile institution of monarchy and pro-monarchy activities have created serious threats to republicanism in the country, say big leaders who are enjoying two-thirds majority in the government.
    Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli called an all-party meeting to inform the leaders from the opposition parties that he has seen a serious threat to republicanism in the country, especially from the pro-monarchy groups and Biplav’s supporters.
    During the meeting, Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli urged all political parties to unite to safeguard the political system that was ushered in with their joint efforts in the past.
    “There have been various attempts to derail the achievements like the constitution, democracy, republicanism and federalism from different corners,” the Prime Minister said, urging all parties and leaders to be united again to make such attempts a failure.
    The other day, NCP co-chair Pushpakamal Dahal also observed the situation in a same manner. He further warned the deposed king that the people will oust him from the Nagarjun Palace if he will become active to fail the present political system.
    Later, in another occasion, he remarked that the very people who had removed the institution of monarchy may come to remove the present system if the leaders fail to deliver the fruits of change! Yes, the political leaders have failed to deliver what they had promised to the people!
    Political observers, in reaction to the remarks by NCP chairs Oli and Prachanda, have opined that actually the erstwhile institution of monarchy is not the real threat, but the performance of the leaders in power – who are responsible for rampant corruption, nepotism, favouritism, sycophancy, bad governance and the attitude of thinking themselves above the constitution — are the real threats against the “achievements” of the 2006 political change!
    I wish to add here my personal conviction, which I am always saying, that like the other people’s movements in the country, the 2006 April people’s movement was also solely sponsored by the foreign powers – Westerners and Indians. Today, the Nepali people have already identified who the actors dancing to the tune of the foreigners are!
    More serious to note, the Nepali people have completely lost their belief on the present day political leaders and also the action or verdicts of the Nepal Police or the courts.
    Frankly saying, I am not a supporter or critic of Rabi Lamichhane, a television anchor, who was under Police custody and was released on bail on Monday evening. I cannot say whether he is innocent or he is involved in a crime as this is under the jurisdiction of the court, in the mean time, I cannot undermine the crowd chanting slogans in the streets in favour of Rabi. This is the example that the general people have no trust in the Police and the court and the government authorities. If such a belief will become stronger and stronger among the public, obviously, the situation will go beyond the control of the government.
    Large crowds of people have been seen in the streets in support of an individual. If we visit social sites, they all are strongly dominated by Rabi’s fans. If this mob in the streets will start to say what is right and what is wrong, it will become difficult to establish a rule of law. Unfortunately, in every agitation and people’s movement, the agitating forces have been empowered in our politics. Talking about the 1990 struggle for democracy or people’s movement 1 or the people’s movement 2, every time, the agitating forces have been rewarded and those who were supposed to be punished and imprisoned for the crime they have committed, have become the leaders and rulers in the country. When we have developed such a history, of course, our youths will follow the same or say, they will practice what they see and they see everything negatively. And we cannot trust those leaders who have emerged from a criminal background!


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