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WITH MALICE TO NONE: Can Nepal afford Oli as Prime Minister for long? Who is Modi to recognize Nepal Charter?

  • Published on: August 28, 2019


    By N.P. Upadhyaya

    The incumbent ailing Prime Minister of Nepal Shri Khadga Prasad Oli may have abundant political reasons, power lust included, to continue in the current post for a full five years term but yet his sympathizers would prefer to advise him to retire now.
    It would be nice health wise if the ailing Prime Minister takes a voluntary retirement which shall not only be taken as an extraordinary example in the South Asian politics but will also allow the nation to celebrate in that they will get then a new and healthy Prime Minister for the country who can run the nation in a determined manner and that too without hurting the tax payers’ money.
    PM Oli neither has set an example like what his Pakistani counterpart Imran Khan has embarked on an austerity measure. Alas! PM Oli has no time to see beyond Baluatar.
    The conduct of the State affairs is not an easy task as one may have thought of. It is instead a very tricky business wherein the sitting Prime Minister not only has to run the nation in a manner as has been desired by the domestic population but has also to meet at times cruel and sinister diplomats like Minister Jay Shankar-the Indian national who had, to recall, designed the 2015 “inhumane” economic blockade on Nepal.
    The pain of the blockade is still in the minds of those who suffered most including this scribe.
    In fact luring the national population by reiterating irrelevant and ridiculous anecdotes is an easy task, as it has been since the advent of this “banana” republican order, but to convince and to remain in the good book of the naughty Head master of South Asia, the Indian establishment, is very difficult in that only the India blessed one can continue for long in Nepal’s Prime Ministerial post. This Head Master prefers only smart teachers in Nepal who are its “trained” yes men.
    However, his personal relations with his own senior colleague Madhav Kumar Nepal is talked to have become brittle to the extent that “instead of wishing for PM Oli’s good health prior to his Singapore departure, Nepal reportedly at the party meet preferred to go on for a real and rancorous verbal war with his own party’s boss who is also the nation’s Prime Minister Oli.
    To cut it short, Nepal and PM Oli have now become enemies.
    But the twist is yet to come. The enmity between the two is now in an advanced state with the new directives issued by the Party meet August 26.
    Observing PM Oli in a bad shape, (health wise), the extra co Chairman of the Party, Prachanda who is taken as a Delhi skilled and indoctrinated political man has suddenly become vigorous and as a matter of fact Madhav Kumar Nepal has now abundant reasons to inch closer to Prachanda because of his recent verbal war with PM Oli.
    If Prachanda has become active as is being given to understand by the “interested” political quarters then let’s presume that Prachanda too met with Minister Jay Shankar in private and listened to the Indian sermons that had to be initiated and later completed by Prachanda for the benefit of the Indian interests to what he has been doing upon his grand landing in Nepal as back as in 2005-6, it is rumored.
    His secret meet with the RAW chief last month too could be counted here as a plus point.
    To put it in simple words, if Madhav Nepal and Prachanda together with all those party men who have been not at good terms with PM Oli converge to unseat Prime Minister Oli then it could be accomplished within a minute since, let’s presume as the national politics is being controlled by the Indian regime, the “needed and the required envelope blessings” from the Oli’s detractor across the border shall come into action the moment the Oli’s “enemies” so desire. It is so believed here in Kathmandu but we are not sure of such possibility.
    But yet one question still would haunt the innocent population who have ever been cheated and defeated by their own rulers as to why the friend (or an enemy in real terms?) across the border would wish Medanta Hospital confidante to be unseated from the highest chair of the new protectorate-Nepal?
    Reports claim that Oli got his kidney(s) transplanted right inside the Medanta Hospital in Delhi. Had the Indian benevolence for free? No way. Oli got it in lieu of managing Nepal’s Mahakali River for India at dirt cheap price. If any doubt please ask our august Prime Minister. But will he clarify his stance against the general accusation?
    He is paying the price for the Indian obligation which is only but natural. He will be drained more in the days ahead.
    If Oli is subservient to India then why the latter unseat him?
    Yes! PM Oli had troubled relations with India once.
    It was the time of the 2015 Indian Economic Blockade that had been imposed on Nepal then as the domestic pressure on the PM increased then as the Chief of the Executive of the nation he inched closer to China in the North.
    Thanks China understood the Nepali pains and assisted Nepal with substantial humanitarian aid and eased the “immense sufferings” that the inhumane Indian blockade caused.
    However, the innocent and panicked Nepali people thought PM Oli as a strong nationalist (?) who could challenge the mighty Indian hegemony with the minimum support from the North.
    The twist then followed thus.
    The fact is that China had fully knowledged that PM Oli is extensively close to India and that only for the time being, he will have some sympathies towards the North.
    Chinese speak less but that should not mean that Beijing doesn’t understand the real “inclinations” of the men who have been told to rule Nepal after the “revolution” of the year 2005-6. Some agents who work for India also extend their secret “services” to China in Kathmandu, claim high placed sources.
    So this means that the “double cross” system prevails in Kathmandu. Now it is up to the countries to find out who’s who?
    Moreover, many believe that China too is not a reliable partner of Nepal. So Nepal is in between two giant Thugs?
    In fact the merger of the UML with the Maoists center had been the handiwork of the RAW machinery which got exposed when the Blockade Master arrived Nepal this August 21.
    Our innocent PM Oli, though outwardly he may appear as a tough person, but the fact is that Oli is a thorough gentleman who at the end of the private meet that went on two hours plus with Shankar “appealed” emotionally his Indian guest to convince his Prime Minister Modi to grace the Nepali constitution day celebrations as the Chief Guest.
    Modi has yet to recognize Nepal’s constitution though. Do we need his recognition? What a joke.
    Here our ailing but innocent Prime Minister committed a blunder in that the man he preferred to bring in as the Chief guest is taken world wise as New Hitler of South Asia and the people of Nepal who have suffered the pain of the last blockade (we expect more such blockades if Modi’s whims dictate him to dare to do so) simply “love to hate” him-read the Indian PM Modi.
    Modestly speaking, PM Oli should resign voluntarily in that his current health conditions do not permit him to act like a youth of the sort that he was while ratifying the Mahakali Treaty in India’s favor.
    Secondly, he has through his acts of omissions and commissions made several “treacherous enemies” who wish to pounce upon him should an opportune moment approach his detractors for example, Bhim Rawal, Prachanda, Bam Dev, Madhav Kumar Nepal and many others who wish not to come to the front.
    All these men were power brokers and worship only those who are in power, we have been told. Oli must not have any illusion.
    Thirdly, PM Oli should understand that the “national politics” has begun drifting away from his political grip. Instead the politics has gone into the hands of the men in the streets who largely were against the entire republican order to which the people in general conclude that the system now in place is merely a gift of the Indian establishment which is an established fact.
    Fourthly, PM Oli himself is taken as the most “expensive” Prime Minister for this wretched country which has the distinction of being dictated by the whims of the Indian administration more so that of the RAW intelligence agency.
    Fifthly, PM Oli’s expenses for his renal impairment in these four years have crossed perhaps billions and billions.
    Fifthly, this poor nation, a nation in fact donor driven one, can’t bear this financial burden for long.
    Sixthly, PM Oli has completely failed in handling the politics of the nation as was desired from a government which enjoyed two thirds majority in the parliament. The people are being taxed from the center up to the village levels and the tax payer’s money thus paid to the government is being mercilessly utilized for the personal luxury of the political animals from Kathmandu down to the hamlet level.
    Seventhly, PM Oli’s personal behavior with the lay men and the intellectuals alike are puzzling in that he at times talks which are full of hatred and insult to the men who happen to differ with his private opinion. He takes his detractors as “inferior creatures”. This is unacceptable.
    Eighthly, PM Oli’s high superfluous high drama of having a tele-conference with his Cabinet, August 26, does tell that he is surrounded by shady persons with money spinning bend or those who are exploiting his personality for their political and personal benefits. Cabinet meet through Skype? Even President Trump has not dared to do so as far as we understand.
    The laymen love to hate the PM for his arrogance, the habit of teasing others, humiliating his opponents making filthy comments and criticizing the King who has nothing to do with the national politics as a commoner.
    Ninthly, PM Oli’s extra hobnob with the junior level officials and meeting them in private is what has made the people to suspect the real political credentials of our Prime Minister.
    It would be nice if he, PM Oli, clarifies as to what he talked with these third grade Indian nationals including the RAW Chief Goyal last month. Earlier the better.
    Tenthly, Dr. Babu Ram Bhattarai appears to have vowed to unseat PM Oli as the former Maoists leaders trained supposedly by the Indian establishment made a somewhat disturbing comment against the Nepali State by encouraging the Tharu community in Western Nepal just the other day.
    The innocent and modest Tharu community must be awarded whatever is their due but not at the cost of others. Dr. Bhattarai tentatively made some disturbing speeches so claims UML leader Bhim Rawal. (We have based this news as per the information provided by Mr. Rawal through the social media).
    Interestingly, Dr. Bhattarai has incited the Tharu community immediately after he met in private with Indian Minister Shankar. Could some connection be established?
    And finally, the poor people of Nepal can’t pay the Singapore Hospital bills on a regular manner. Have mercy on the Nepali people. Or if PM Oli has paid the Hospital bills from his personal pocket then that too should be made known to the people who largely think that PM Oli has proved himself to be the “most expensive” Prime Minister of Nepal.
    If he has not misused the State coffer for his personal treatment then we apologize but if the reverse is true then we “demand” his voluntary resignation” with the immediate effect.
    PM Oli must have been told by his henchmen that the crowd that came to the streets in support of the News anchor Rabi Lamichaney in Chitwan district were not only his supporters but the crowd in many more ways than one reflected the anger of the people that they have against the system to which he leads in Nepal. If he understands the message of the Chitwan crowd then it is better for him. Though Rabi has been releases but on certain conditions set by the Court. But yet what if Rabi’s supporters turn against the system nationwide and demand the Nepal Army’s martial Law?
    Finally, the corruption that has gripped the country is simply unbelievable. Most of PM Oli’s ministers are talked to be corrupt. More over Oli’s party’s co-Chair, Prachanda, is in the target of the enraged people.
    Perhaps a nervous looking Prachanda has guessed in advance that his days in politics were numbered and so he says now that “It is time that the Communists will be chased” by the common people. Is he afraid of the Hague Tribunal?
    What does this signal? Prachanda’s disturbed brain? Isn’t it?
    Finally, PM Oli is urged to go through the ordeal of a Kidney patient Mrs. Sonu Sinal which she has expressed through an article wherein she has told of her own experiences of what mean to be a kidney patient when one is poor like her family.
    She indirectly tell the Prime Minister Oli that “you have the means and the state facilities” for the treatment but for what of people like her with the same ailment?
    She thus prays the Almighty to award her rest of the life to the Prime Minister who is in Singapore for his Kidney repair.
    If PM Oli reads her article, he will definitely tender his resignation. Why should the Nepali population pay the Singapore hospital bills of Prime Minister Oli?
    But he will not resign. The thirst for power for PM Oli has not yet quenched. That’s all.

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