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Khapa Oli

  • Published on: September 4, 2019

  • Khapa Oli

    The Prime Minister, the other day, said that the highest peak of the world is Sagarmatha, not Mt. Everest. Yes, I liked his saying. But why has the PM fond of pronouncing his name in short, K.P Oli instead of saying Khapra Oli is his real name? Let’s start to call him Khapa Oli from now on!

    Democracy under threat!

    The United Kingdom is known as the mother of democracy. Accordingly, the United States is called the oldest democracy and India is known as the largest democracy. But how is the fate of democracy in these countries? Massive violation of human rights is witnessed in India occupied Jammu and Kashmir after the abduction of the special rights of the people there. And, in the UK, people have come down to the streets saying that the democracy is under threat there. In the US innocent people are being shot on a regular basis. So is it wise to preach democracy to others when they themselves cannot handle their own system?

    Afraid of technology

    When some Chinese nationals hacked the software and withdrew money from the ATMs belonging to different commercial banks, a section of intellectuals is found explaining about the weak security mechanism the banks are relying upon.
    Yes, the culprits have been arrested and the banks have learnt a lesson. Of course, the banks will introduce the security mechanism to avoid such lapses in the future. Learning through mistakes is a normal practice.
    They are the very people who have opposed the video conference of the cabinet meeting even in the Parliament.
    They are the very people who suspect about electronic voting. Today, in all countries in the region, electronic voting system has been introduced, but in Nepal, we are relying on traditional voting system. Even in the last general elections, the Election Commission had to face difficulties in getting the ballot box as such a system has been phased out from the world.
    Again, in the sub-polls also, the political leaders have decided to adopt the very traditional way of voting. When our leaders will start to think about change in their mentality, we don’t know!

    The fate of EPG report

    Along with appointment of Bhagat Singh Koshiyeri as the Governor of Karnataka state in India, a section of the Nepali people have started to say that the EPG report is going to be disposed and will never be materialize.
    If India will not accept the report, Nepal should accept and implement the report. Our executive chief Khapa Oli should receive the report and implement it which has been prepared by the members of the EPG from both the countries.

    Unjust journalism

    Our journalists are quite funny. Within the last few days, a company was ordered to pay millions of rupees in taxes of face being deregistered. Similarly, a man who was convicted by the court and asked to pay a huge fine of millions and also spend time in jail, was arrested in Kathmandu. But when people thronged to news-stands to read more details about these events, there was hardly any mention of the above crimes. But when four Chinese citizens were arrested for robbing some ATM machines, front page news, with sketches were given as the main news. Why such discrepancy? A criminal is a criminal no matter what crime he or she has committed, but journalism just doesn’t seem to be fair in our country of partisan politics.


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