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R&W used Prachanda to end monarchy: R&W ex-director Bhushan

  • Published on: September 4, 2019


    By Our Reporter

    Amar Bhushan, former director of the Indian intelligence organization R&W has claimed that under the R&W plan, the institution of monarchy was removed. In his newly published book “Inside Nepal” Bhushan has claimed that the then NCP Maoist supremo Pushpakamal Dahal was used by the Indian intelligence to end the institution of monarchy in Nepal.
    He has stated that in the first phase the monarch’s role was made limited under the framework of the constitutional monarchy and in the second phase, through the India sponsored movement of the political parties in Nepal the institution of monarchy was removed as per the plan of R&W.
    Bhushan has claimed that how R&W had used Prachanda and how Prachanda worked as per the plan of R&W.
    As per the R&W design, Prahanda had joined hands with other political parties to remove the institution of monarchy, Bhushan has claimed, reports Annapurna Post vernacular daily on 3 September.
    In the book, it is explained that in 1990, R&W initiated the game plan to bring the monarchy under the constitutional framework. Bhushan has also explained that why it was important to bring the King under the framework of constitutional monarchy. He has stated that it was important to limit the king under the constitutional monarchy to develop favourable environment for R&W in Nepal in the process of ending the institution of monarchy permanently.
    The then R&W officer Jiwannath had assigned secret brokers to achieve this goal. Jiwannath had operated a special unit in Nepal during the rule of King Birendra during 2045/46 (1989).
    The said unit had supported the people’s movement in Nepal and the Indian government had also supported the movement.
    The then Indian prime minister Rajeev Gandhi had decided to support the people’s movement in Nepal (in 1989.) To put pressure on the King, economic blockade was imposed.
    Nepal’s almost all political leaders had gone to meet the R&W officials, it is described in the “Inside Nepal”.
    To conclude, how Nepal’s patriotic organs were destroyed and how the Indian intelligence had used Nepali political leaders, the book has exposed. The book has also exposed the Indian and specially the intention of the Indian intelligence R&W against Nepal.
    Serious to note is that Nepal’s sovereignty and independence is under a serious threat from India.


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