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Why is Nepal still a poor country?

  • Published on: September 4, 2019

  • By PR Pradhan
    If the size, population and natural resources are taken into account, Nepal is very rich country in the region. Unfortunately, Nepal is a poverty ridden country, this is because of the conspiracy, infiltration and strong penetration of foreigners; and also because of the high-ranking Nepali political leaders, bureaucrats and academicians’ self-centered mentality of looking after only oneself rather than the nation’s greater interests. If we had a visionary leadership, we could have already achieved our economic goals.
    Who has stopped the construction of the Budhigandaki reservoir model project? Even the Nepali people are paying additional infrastructure tax to construct the project as early as possible. The project is a game-changer in the Nepali context as we can end the load-shedding even during the dry season in the country; we can use water for irrigation during the dry season, say the experts and Budhigandaki multiple project would end the present electricity shortage problem. The government has recognized it as a project of national glory and Nepali experts have remarked that the project can be constructed by Nepal’s own investments. Then why has the project work been delayed? It is because there is strong penetration of foreigners in the political parties and also in the bureaucracy against construction of such an attractive project which would play a remarkable role in substituting import of petro-products and end import of electricity from India. Our political leaders and bureaucrats work for foreigners rather than in the interests of the country and the people! And foreigners with vested interests want to see Nepal always a poor country as it is possible to command and control the leaders of the poor countries like Nepal quite cheaply. Look at the American supremacy in the globe! To continue its dominance in the global politics, the US has initiated a trade war with China. China is suffering from riot in Hong Kong not because the Hong Kong people want democracy but because China is emerging as an economic giant and it is an American effort to stop China from becoming the economic giant of the world at any cost!
    When Nepal tried to move forward towards prosperity under its own traditional characteristics and path under the leadership of the king, the country had to suffer a lot. The country witnessed the people’s movement 1, the people’s movement 2 and a 10 year long Maoist insurgency and it has become clear to all the Nepalis and foreigners that all these movements and bloody insurgency were sponsored by the Indians who had always wanted Nepal to remain as an unstable nation. The present day political leaders are loyal to their foreign bosses rather than dedicated for the betterment of their motherland.
    I have been hearing since my childhood about the fast track road to Nijgadh, the shortest route constructed via the banks of the Bagmati River. The construction of the new international airport in Nijgadh also, I have been listening to since my young days. If such infrastructural projects were constructed decades ago, obviously, the construction cost could be reduced and also if these projects were brought into operation decades ago, we could reach Nijgadh from Kathmandu within one hour. It could obviously save time, transportation cost etc. Nevertheless, better late than never, the Nepal Army has taken responsibility to complete the construction works of the fast track road on time. Meanwhile, the Province No 2 government has stated that it will not allow the federal government to construct the international airport at Nijgadh by destroying hundreds of thousands of trees. When I was a teenage boy, I was informed by my seniors that the Indians constructed the Tribhuvan Highway with many curves and passing through different high areas. It was because, the vehicles could consume much fuel and also need much more spear parts, including tyers. Foreigners don’t want another country’s economic prosperity, this is a natural phenomenon. A rich neighbour will not remain under the influence and dominance of others, therefore, the attempt will be to keep such a neighbor as poor as always. If Nepal will construct an ultra-modern international airport equipped with all modern technologies, sure, Nijgadh will become a modern city, a tourist hub, a business hub. The business value of the presently underdeveloped village will increase at a multipliable level. May be, our neighbor doesn’t want the construction of an ultra-modern international airport across the Indian border as the Indian citizens may also travel to Nepal to take their foreign flights. May be, this is the reason that the minister belonging to the tarai based party has announced for not constructing the airport in Nijgadh! Understandably, he is not serious about the development of his own province but he is serious about the Indian interests. Yes, we don’t have scarcity of anti-development, nature loving people being operated by foreign non-governmental organizations. They don’t speak a single word about the global warming on which the developed nations have made remarkable contribution. They don’t talk about rampant deforestation within their own country, but they see deforestation in Nijgadh and also in the ring-road as being harmful for Nepal. As long as we have the dominance of people having such a mentality, Nepal cannot become a prosperous nation.


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