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Babbles:“Rastra Adhakshya”

  • Published on: September 11, 2019

  • “Rastra Adhakshya”

    There was a gathering of some eminent people at a five star hotel in town some days back. One of the fellows who attended this bash was a friend of Babbler and he told how a prominent fellow, who is also into politics, was arguing that, “Why should our president be called rastrapati when she should be called rastra adhekhsya or head of the state?” With a glass of whisky in hand he went on to explain that Westerners have for a long time started calling a chairman a chairperson, if or when a lady becomes the head of a business concern or some government commission. You see, “pati” actually means a husband in Nepali and as we have a woman president we should pay due respect to her by calling her “rastra aghakshya”. This should be the tradition of addressing any lady who has become the president of other countries. And mind you, this is no satire on the women’s rights activists nor to any male chauvinist!

    Jam in the sky

    Again, on Friday, during the arrival of our prime minister Khadga Prasad Oli from Singapore after undergoing treatment there, the only international airport, Tribhuvan International Airport, was closed for one and a half hours. Many international and domestic flights approaching TIA were kept on hold in the sky and also many flights preparing to fly from TIA were halted at the Airport keeping the passengers onboard for one and a half hours.
    May be this is the message the prime minister wanted to give that Nepal is becoming prosperous. May be, this is the message that how the visit Nepal year is going to fail by such halting of all the aircrafts during the VIP flights every time!

    Example of sycophancy

    Prime Minister Khadga Prasad Oli is the chief executive of the nation with almost two-thirds majority. Therefore, he is the most powerful person in the country. Therefore, political leaders have demonstrated the example of sycophancy in the party. Party general secretary Bishnu Poudel and party’s vice chairman Bamdev Gautam went to Singapore in the process of observing how Oli was doing and at the same time buttering him.
    This time, Oli was in Singapore for treatment. It was not an official visit but he received an official welcome upon his arrival at the Tribhuvan International Airport. Ministers and government officials were present at TIA to receive PM Oli. More interestingly, the Kathmandu air was closed for one and a half hours. Don’t forget, our prime minister returns home!

    What to show to the foreign tourists?

    Foreigners visiting Nepal, especially, those visiting Kathmandu visit Baudhanath monastery in Baudha, sunrise spot Nagarkot and sunset spot Kakani among other destinations identified as the touristic spots will be appalled by the road conditions. Roads leading to these places are so bad that it is even difficult for the locals to travel for their day to day work. Is the visit Nepal, year being observed to give the message to the world about the condition of roads in the country?

    Of course, a lion cannot be compared with a fox

    It seems, Pushpakamal Dahal Prachanda is seriously worried from the possible restoration of the institute of monarchy. Of course, he might have studied the face of the people who have voted for him; of course, he might have seen the people’s sea in support of a television anchor in his electoral constituency in Chitwan; and of course, he might have been watching public reactions in social media against his practice of nepotism!
    Sure, he is not a lion anymore, sure, he has converted as the fox.


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