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What could be the RAW message?

  • Published on: September 11, 2019

  • By PR Pradhan

    Time and again, the Indian intelligence RAW and also Indian nationals including former foreign secretary Shyam Sharan, SD Muni, among others, have exposed the Indian role in creating instability and bloodbath in Nepal. Also, they have exposed the performance of the Nepali leaders who worked under the guidance of the Indian intelligence institutions.
    Of late, the ex-special director of RAW, Amar Bhushan, in a book, “Inside Nepal” which is said to be inspired by true stories, has claimed that how RAW was involved in limiting the role of the monarchy through the 1989 people’s movement and how the institution of monarchy was finally rooted out in Nepal and how the then commander of the “people’s war” Pushpakamal Dahal Dahal was used to end the institution of monarchy!
    Yes, these are not new stories as everybody knows the crooked role of the then Indian intelligence and also the Indian establishment against the stability, economic prosperity, sovereignty and independence of Nepal.
    As we know, the institution of monarchy was the symbol of unity among the Nepalis; an institution dedicated for economic prosperity and political stability of the country. A stable and economically prosperous Nepal could not remain under the pocket of the Indians, therefore, the Indian role has always been against this and against the institution of monarchy for developing such a system.
    Not only Pushpakamal Dahal, but also almost all political leaders were mobilized by RAW officers deployed with special authority for special missions in Kathmandu. The RAW officers deployed many Nepalis as agents, according to the book.
    Particularly, when we see the role of Krishna Shitaula and Baburam Bhattarai among others, we find many odd acts from them especially during the 2006 movement and after that.
    Shitaula, who had no contacts with political leaders in India, had become India’s point-man later. That who was mobilizing him, has been made clear after going through the book. Shitaula became the home minister even when he was not a member of the Constituent Assembly. Shitaula was the person, who, without being a member of the constituent assembly, had tabled the proposal to declare Nepal a republic. Now, after the publication of the book, authored by the RAW official, it has become clear that who had drafted the proposal for Nepal.
    These are the things that should have been kept secretly by the Indian authorities, as the Nepalis don’t like such Indian interventions here. But it is clear that the Indian intelligence officer didn’t disclose these facts without approval of the Indian government. Therefore, it is understandable that the Indian authorities have decided to disclose these facts to remind the Nepali leaders, who were the puppets of India, where exactly they stand. Yes, India played the role to remove the institution of monarchy. The Indians spent huge amounts of money for the political changes here. Unfortunately, India achieved nothing. The Indians empowered those political leaders in the streets and jungle but they became more loyal to the Westerners. They drafted the constitution under the influence of the Westerners. Westerners became the strong players in Nepali politics by minimizing the Indian role. The Indians wanted to stop the constitution, but the Nepali leaders denied the Indian order and the country had to face an economic blockade from India. Even today, the Indian government has not recognized the constitution. The Indians want its ownership and role in the constitution. Otherwise, the present constitution cannot be acceptable for the Indians. Accordingly, the Indians want to see the Nepali leaders — who have been empowered in Nepal with the support of the very Indians – to be loyal to them instead of being loyal to the Westerners. The reason is that the Indians, through such claims, want to expose the Nepali leaders who have forgotten their past.
    Besides, the Indians want to give the message that they are all in all in Nepal. Even they were able to remove the century-old institution of monarchy, therefore, the Indians are the decisive force in Nepal and this is a warning for the Nepali political leaders that they are not allowed to change their loyalty and bosses.
    Surely, the Indians presently in the government with a sweeping majority, don’t want increasing presence of the West in Nepal and also the open conversion of the Hindu religion into Christian.
    Surely, this is the message that the Indian intervention is in the offing in the near future. Let the political parties and leaders be prepared to counter such Indian intervention.


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