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Will China help preserve Nepal’s threatened sovereignty?

  • Published on: September 11, 2019

  • By NP Upadhyaya

    The Indian leaders mostly from the ruling “fascist” Bharatiya Janta Party claim that the “urine of mother cow” is beneficial even for the treatment of chronic cancer.
    If so, as the saffron clad BJP leader Pragya Thakur and Minister Ashwini Choubey believe in the ‘Cow urine theory’ then should not Nepal’s incumbent Prime Minister Khadga Prasad Sharma Oli alias Kha. Pra. Sha. OO (abbreviated) should try the same Cow Urine for his damaged renal impairment and that too for free of cost?
    As Nepal is comparatively a cold country than India, so the Cow that are born in Nepal must ooze healthy Urine which, as is the Indian theory which has been duly backed by Baba Ramdev-a thug Yoga Guru-is gaining more currency in the present day Hindustan or Bharat alias former British controlled landmass, if consumed by our ailing Prime Minister Oli then it can yield unbelievable results which is in Nepal’s financial interests as well.
    Firstly, mother Cow are easily available in Nepal and supposed to be in a healthy state because Nepal’s cows have much affection for “green grass” which in many more ways than one similar to the habits of Nepali political men who prefer “green” over any other colors. Green has some “meaning”.
    For these political personalities, Green means green. However, Cow’s Urine is yellowish but not green. Had the urine been green then our leaders would have pounced even on green Urine. The republican order has added more greenery to the already green Nepali grass.
    It is the prevalence of this “greenery” and fertility in the Nepali land that the Maoists leaders like, for example, Dr. Babu Ram Bhattarai and Comrade Prachanda who have had even rejected the Indian government’s “secured hospitality” that the two were specially provided in India preferred to land ultimately in Nepal and the “carrier” was none less than our own towering political persona, Late Girija Prasad Koirala ( Rest in peace sir) who had been told by “Father Shyam Saran” to take them back to Nepal and capture the entire power structures in Kathmandu”. Since then Prachanda has begun loving “green” and his entire family members, we have been told, are swimming in the green pond nonstop. His private family is ruling Nepal in a big way. Thanks RAW republic.
    And in the process, the Indian orders made to Koirala was that together with the Maoists and the other five parties who had been agitating against the then Nepal sovereign, must converge at a point and up root the institution of the Nepali monarchy.
    To come to the point, If PM Oli makes it a habit of drinking two glasses of cow urine (in fact it would be wise if PM Oli maintains his personal contacts with the Urine specialists like Pragya Thakur in India then that would be a wise decision not only for the PM’s health but also to the dwindling financial health of this “donor” driven nation.
    High placed government sources say that during these “green” years for KP Oli as the UML leader and the PM of Nepal, he would have spent close to a billion rupees for the treatment of his personal health by “unnecessarily” visiting high flying countries, for example, Singapore for his renal checkup.
    In fact he has spent two billions rupees for his heath checkup, authentic sources claim.
    In fact, Singapore is very close to PM Oli than what is his own home town Jhapa in Nepal.
    Singapore for our “expensive” prime minister is definitely a home away from home.
    In addition to all these grandiose and Oli-fied propaganda, Prime Minister Oli has begun taking extra tutorial classes to his juniors in the Nepal Cabinet through not the Skype but known as a new technology what is known as “tele-presence”.
    This provides and inkling into the very possibility of PM Oli quite frequently visiting Singapore for his treatment. Not bad idea if the State money is free. But why it should be free for the PM only? In far flung areas inside Nepal people even have no penny to buy Para-cetamol tablets. Is the nationalist-communist-expensive PM listening?
    The question thus is Prime Minister Khadga Prasad Oli paying the Singaporean Hospital bills from his personal pockets? This is the million dollar question where the lay men were more interested than, frankly speaking, in PM Oli’s health conditions. Indeed they wish him a good health and long life as a human being.
    PM Oli has no right or whatsoever to “loot” the State coffer for his personal treatment. If the loot is continuing only. If not then the matter stands dismissed.
    With due respect to PM Oli, he is the servant of the nation who has no authority to play kabaddi with the tax payers’ money. The people are not Oli’s servants.
    With malice to none more so to Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli what the people would wish to tell him modestly but in a frank manner that “You have already proved yourself as the most “luxurious” Prime Minister ever we have had in the history”.
    This is the message from this paper to Nepal PM that henceforth pay yourself for your health-repair if you love your people. That’s it. Plain and simple. It has been too much.
    (We are speaking the people’s voices).
    But if Mr. Prime Minister you have been paying the Singaporean hospital bills from your personal pocket then we apologize for whatever we have written against you.
    Now let’s change the topic now.
    Comrade Prachanda has become restive these days more so after the RAW man Amar Bhusan, released his book ‘Inside Nepal that claims “for the ouster of Nepali monarchy, the Indian intelligence agency RAW” had taken the meaningful support of then Delhi residing Maoists leader Prachanda”.
    With this bombshell Prachanda appears shaken from within and thus his followers have begun disseminating the content of the book as a mere fiction-story.
    Yes it is but the smart writer Amar Bhusan gives his book a twist and says that “it is based on a true story”. The question is how can a fiction story be so close to our own sad story that has robbed this nation not so in the distant past?
    Had Brajesh Mishra been alive, he would have smiled listening to Prachanda’s rebuttal.
    Late Mishra was national security advisor of PM Atal Behari Bajpayee in the days when Prachanda and Dr. Bhattarai have had approached Mishra through professor SD Muni and signed a binding secret treaty with the Indian government stating that “we shall never ever go against the core interests of the Indian Union but instead devastate Nepal as far as we could”. The treaty was signed, according to some reliable sources in Nepal, on June 2002.
    This has been in an implied manner accepted by senior analyst Bharat Dahal who once upon a time was himself a Maoists leader. People take his versions in good faith.
    But Bharat Dahal left the Maoists’ fake uprising when he knew that the entire people’s war had been a design manufactured by the Indian government using Nepali nationals.
    The fact is that much ahead of the publication of this book, the people in Nepal who were not the signatory of the “India drafted 12 point New Delhi agreement” knew it that it was late Koirala and the Maoists supremo when got “glued” under the instructions or say “orders” of the then Italy born Sonia Gandhi controlled Indian regime which was led by proxy Prime Minister Dr. Man Mohan Singh.
    More powerful was the Indian foreign secretary Shyam Saran who was “denied a luncheon” by King Gyanendra while the king went to the dining table together with Dr. Karan Singh-the present personal assistant of Mrs. Sonia Gandhi and a close relative of Pasupati S Rana and King Gyanendra as well. In fact Dr. Karan Singh ditched Nepal King.
    Dr. Karan Singh is the heir apparent of the Kashmir Kingdom. He is the son of late Maharaja Hari Singh.
    Poor Shyam Saran all along the Karan-Gyanendra luncheon was having a black coffee with a pinch of Himalayan salt at the reception hall awaiting his boss Dr. Singh to come out from the Royal dining table.
    He felt insulted obviously. King Gyanendra did a blunder.
    In fact it was this insulting episode which irritated Mr. Saran who vowed instantly not only to uproot the institution of monarchy by investing his extra efforts in fanning the seven party led agitation against the King. And he did his job well.
    The King thus weakened and the India backed parties naturally were having upper hand.
    This gives an inkling as to how and why the Monarchy was sidelined then by the Indian regime which is now apparently repenting for the blunder that it was.
    The publication of the Amar Bhusan’s book has come at a time when the Republican leaders’ installed by the Indian regime, as is presumed, have failed to take their “subjects” into confidence.
    Beginning his daughters and the in-Laws and their near and distant relatives of Prachanda too have become an integral part of the Republican order. The loot continues, it is talked in the political circuit.
    This does mean that the one who most benefitted from this System is surely Comrade Prachanda and thus Amar Bhusan’s assertion that he sought the assistance of Prachanda in unseating the Nepali monarchy for good appears very close to the truth.
    Even if it were a fiction then it fits into Delhi’s jacket gifted to Comrade Prachanda.
    Ok let’s think for a moment that Prachanda was not in the game for the ouster of Monarchy so why he is so much scared?
    Can’t he summon a hurried press conference and tell the press men that all that Mr. Bhusan wrote were sheer nonsense? But he has so far not arranged the press meet and clarified his stance which is why the people have reasons to conclude that Prachanda, as per Amar Bhusan, had some links with the RAW agency in sending the King to the jungles where he should, read Prachanda, have been.
    In yet another “structured twist” Mr. Madhav Kumar Nepal-the one who wanted the Indian military’s invasion of Nepal in order to tame King Birendra in 1990, has said that the Delhi 12 point agreement had not been drafted by the Indian side but by those political leaders who were the signatories of the said agreement.
    Mr. Nepal says that each individual leaders have had their own drafts which later was condensed and trimmed and finally appeared in the form of 12 point agreement.
    Mr. Nepal’s fresh revelation, made in 2019, at best had been debunked by the then Indian foreign minister (who later became the Indian President) Pranav Mukherjee (the perverted brain and a declared hater of Sonia Gandhi) right back in 2009 had told the Al Jazeera TV that “the greatest achievement of his life was to send the Nepal Maoists to Kathmandu from Delhi and capture the power structure of Nepal so that the Maoists could serve the Indian administration for all time to come”.
    So who could be more authentic? Mr. Mukherjee or our Madhav Nepal who “sent his daughter” to India under Indian government free scholarship who is now a MBBS doctor.
    Was this Indian help free of cost to Mr. Nepal? And why Mr. Nepal is supposedly shielding India now after 14 years? For what gains?
    So let’s ignore Mr. Nepal’s announcement that the 12 point agreement had nothing to do with the Indian establishment. It had for sure.
    A good news by the way is that Mr. Nepal and PM Oli are not even in talking terms.
    Yet why the 12 point agreement was signed in Delhi then? Why not inside Nepal? Even the Nepali leaders could have signed the agreement in Rolpa jungles but why Delhi was the first preference of the entire agitating leaders who were against the King then?
    The MBBS scholarship from India was not in fact free Mr. Nepal to your daughter. There is no free lunch in Indian diplomacy.
    And who sought monetary helps from late Shila Dixit and the RAW agency in order to flare up the seven party agitation in Kathmandu in 2005-6? Is there any one to refute to what was rumored then?
    Mr. Nepal makes yet another funny remarks and says that “I carried Prachanda to Delhi”. In fact Prachanda was right in Delhi because “two prominent” Nepali journalists were sent by Ambassador Shyam Saran to Delhi to interview Prachanda. The aircraft was Nepal’s COSMIC AIR then.
    Clarify Mr. Nepal whether your daughter studied in India or not? If yes then you paid or not? And also tell the people that how you became the Prime Minister of Nepal even if you had suffered defeat in the election? You can’t distort the facts. Listen to mother Nepal than listening to the ones who hate Nepal.
    Listening to Mr. Nepal’s irrelevant and twisted version, Mukherjee and Shyam Saran must have received electrical shocks.
    The cleverest of all among the Nepali leaders is Mr. Narayan Man Bijukche from Bhaktapur.
    Look how clever he is.
    He signed the 12 agreement in Delhi which means that he too was in the good book of the Indian government. And after signing the Nepal damaging 12 point agreement, he now has all but curse for the present republican order. But why? He was himself one of the signatory. Isn’t it?
    So he is the one who remains answerable to the Nepali people. Then we shall talk of Mr. Chitra Bahadur K.C.
    Mr. K.C also enjoyed the ministerial post in this republican order and yet says that he is not satisfied with the current leaders and the system too. But why? Will he clarify his position on the 12 point agreement? This applies to Kamal Thapa as well.
    And now let’s take up the arrival of Chinese State Counsellor and Minister Wang Yi.
    The Chinese dignitary was here at a time when in the past two weeks his Nepali counterpart, the crane elevated Pradip Gyawali has changed his statement on Kashmir twice and let’s presume that Gyawali will once again may have told the Minister Wang that he stands to his first statement wherein he had stated that Kashmir issue was a dispute to be bilaterally resolved by India and Pakistan.
    So where Nepal stands on Kashmir, the Chinese understand. However, observers fail to understand that why Chinese President is so excited to visit to Nepal when he knows better that the entire Nepali government and the ruling leaders love and honor India more than the Indian nationals but possess no sympathy for China?
    The Chinese embassy in Nepal has also been penetrated by anti-China men.
    However, since India cancelled Minister Wang Yi’s scheduled visit to Delhi and so the minister flew to Pakistan and thus chances remain slim that President Xi will visit India this October.
    If so then President Xi may also cancel his possible trip to Nepal?
    China, high placed sources say that is not happy with the developments in the Kashmir area which as per China, India has intervened into China’s territorial integrity. If so then it could be easily understood that China and India may once again come face to face. Sources say that Chinese have built several bridges in their territory which the Indian government to have been built in Indian landmass.
    Look the fun: Nepal’s PM Oli too met Chinese Foreign Minister in private much the similar way as he have had talked with Minister Shankar from India. What PM Oli may have talked with China minister puzzles the Nepali nationals because the domestic population know a bit of his personal tilt. Yet if China is happy then why should observers be unhappy?
    But China’s President Xi Jinping must visit Nepal just for the Nepali people. The people love China. If China settles the Lipulek issue with Nepal then love and honor for China and its people shall scale new heights. But will President Xi listen to Nepal’s plea? And above all, will China help Nepal in preserving its endangered national sovereignty like what Marshal Chen Yi used to assure Nepal in the good old days of Chairman Mao? If not how China is then a reliable partner of Nepal? That’s all.


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