• Friday 20th September 2019

Nepal dragged into Sino-American dispute

  • Published on: September 12, 2019

  • Kathmandu, 12 September: The US Embassy in Kathmandu has asked clarification from the Foreign Ministry on Nepal’s commitment for Indo-Pacific Strategy after issuance of a statement by the Chinese Foreign Ministry following the visit of Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi to Kathmandu.

    According to Kantipur daily, the Chinese Foreign Ministry, explaining the meeting between NCP co-chairman Pushpakamal Dahal Prachanda and Minister Wang Yi, has stated that Nepal has not recognized the US-led Indo-Pacific Strategy.

    Accordingly, Dahal has retreated Nepal’s stance on non-aligned foreign policy and opposes any attempt to stop China’s development, including riots in Hong Kong.

    People’s News Monitoring Service


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