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Khan’s passionate appeal jolts UNGA; Is he a fitting political match to hegemon in South Asia?

  • Published on: October 2, 2019

    “Nepal remains now assured that the SA region has now a principled and determined leader who could act like the much needed political and nuclear deterrent in South Asia.
    Observers in Nepal now have reasons to believe that South Asia now rests in safe hands caring little of the devil in the neighborhood.
    Ask the people of Nepal whom they take as the South Asian devil? The 2015 Economic blockade haunts the Nepali people every now and then including this scribe at the very personal level”.
    Kathmandu: The Indian Prime Minister Modi has abundant reasons to feel honored in that the President of the United States of America joined his program in Houston/Texas though later the US President somehow or the other expressed his inner regrets by stating that “Yes PM Modi made some aggressive comments right in my presence” which by implication means that PM Modi used and misused the presence of the US President.
    This also in some way hints that President Trump apparently made a blunder in having associated himself with PM Modi at the India government funded Crowd in Houston. Trump’s presence was cashed in upon by PM Modi back home and this was a planned trick of Modi.
    In fact a political persona of Trump’s stature should have avoided the program of the Indian PM Modi for multiple reasons.
    Rahul Gandhi has logical reasons to seek explanations from PM Modi of the pouring in money/dollars from the Indian government’s budget to make the Texas crowd a bigger one.
    The slump hit nation will have to bear this added loss and that too in green dollars.
    Modi could have easily ignored this Presidential negative note made against him but he took it in a serious manner since President Trump “disclosed” PM Modi’s erratic behavior right in front of a political persona whom Modi takes as his personal “enemy”.
    PM Khan is Modi’s prime unmatched enemy at least for some time now.
    However, PM Modi is in sheer illusion that he takes a towering political personality as his enemy and takes the one who is an Oxford graduate but not a man whose school/University wherein he is supposed to have studied has not yet been ascertained in India.
    Yes Modi’s educational qualifications are being questioned like that of tele serial actress Smriti Irani-the BJP card holder.
    The Swedish Professor of Indian origin Ashok Swain is frantically in search of the “Pathshala” or for that matter the University which produced such a personality who is taken in the entire South Asia as the new incarnation of Adolph Hitler and Benito Mussolini?
    Except Nepal and its leaders no other leader in South Asia prefers to talk to him. However, the fear factor compels them all to follow his sermons and act accordingly.
    PM Modi claims that he studied in the Delhi University but has so far failed to produce any certificates that authenticates his claim. Even his own party men suspect his educational capabilities.
    No wonder then PM Modi’s equation matches with the one Pakistani-Canadian national Tarik Fatah who is a great fan of Modi for some political reasons.
    The Canadian scholar, if at all he is, has all the abuses for the country which gave him the birth. He was born in Pakistan.
    This naturally encourages we the people in Nepal to equate Tarik Fatah with our own India’s JNU graduate Dr. Babu Ram Bhattarai who in effect from the core of his inner heart prefers to merge and submerge Nepal into the Indian Union. He is not happy with Nepal’s ever remaining as an Independent and sovereign nation so he wishes Nepal gulped by India. At least he gives such impressions as and when he makes lectures on political issues.
    Dr. Bhattarai like Tarek Fatah, is talked to be a perverted brain (the domestic population take our own Bhattarai too that way) who prefers to insult the nation of his birth as and when he has the opportunity.
    We don’t believe this rumor but then majority of the Nepali population take Dr. Bhattarai as to have been a man being exclusively handled by the Indian establishment and told to destabilize Nepal as and when Bhattarai took it as opportune.
    However, our topic again this week is Kashmir and the one who spoke what Kashmir at the UN general assembly this time.
    If PM Modi summarily avoided to talk on Kashmir for some mysterious reasons then the Pakistani Prime Minister jolted the world leaders inside the UN hall when he dwelt at length as to what would happen if the two nuclear countries went for a conventional war in the beginning and what if the same war turned into a nuclear one?
    His main focus was over the likelihood of a nuclear war and how Pakistan would retaliate in such an eventuality?
    He said if Pakistan is pushed to the wall per chance, will have no option other than to opt for a nuclear war.
    “If there is a nuclear war then it will surely have consequences” and the resultant, if we were to borrow his words, consequences will be felt on the global scale”, so said Imran Khan in a blunt manner.
    He indirectly implied that the N-War will eventually effect the entire global population and that no country can escape from the “consequences”.
    He told what he wanted to and the leaders listening to him were just spell bound. It was pin drop silence perhaps the gravity of the talk demanded abrupt stillness.
    The Oxford graduate took time and told everything extempore that have had to be told to the world leaders, both Muslim and non-Muslim along with the Christian leaders who had converged inside the UN hall, of the Kashmiri plight that has been going inside the valley since seven decades plus.
    Perhaps this was the first time that the world leaders got a perfect chance to listen to the actual happenings inside Kashmir more so after the Indian annexation of the valley on August 5/2019.
    While PM Modi began his UN address with a false note wherein he said to the world body that India has given Lord Buddha to the world. This feku leader from India was speaking a white lie.
    Lord Buddha was born in Nepal to which the world people have already acknowledged. And PM Modi too has spoken that Buddha was the son of Nepal. Modi is perhaps world’s greatest liar and a buffoon cum political chameleon.
    PM Khan spoke for approximately forty nine minutes nonstop and many a times ignored the buzzer-warning deliberately because he had to take the world leaders into confidence and also to make them aware of the sad happenings which demanded more time than he was awarded. He succeeded in his “mission” with which he had left his country assuring the tortured people of Kashmir.
    International observers opine that the “passionate appeal” that the Pak PM made on Kashmir and presented to the world leaders on September 27 from inside the UN Assembly hall shall go a long way in the chequered history not only of Pakistan but also of the troubled Kashmir and including the entire South Asian region.
    “Nepal remains now assured that the SA region has a principled and determined leader who could act like the much needed political and nuclear deterrent in South Asia.
    Observers in Nepal now have reasons to believe that South Asia now rests in safe hands caring little of the devil in the neighborhood.
    Ask the people of Nepal whom they take as the South Asian devil? The 2015 Economic blockade haunts the Nepali people every now and then including this scribe at the very personal level.
    Soon after PM Khan finished his speech in the UN general Assembly, the imprisoned Kashmiris came into action and what followed later is any body’s guess.
    In his speech at the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) last Friday, Imran Khan had warned of a bloodbath once India lifted its restrictions from the Kashmir valley, which have been in force since it revoked the region’s decades-old autonomy in August and detained thousands of people. The imprisoned people are yet to tell their horrifying tale as to how they spent the horrible days inside the manmade hell. Let’s await the lifting of the curfew.
    Soon after the speech September 27, as stated in the earlier paragraphs, hundreds of Kashmiris came out of their homes, shouting slogans in support of Imran Khan and demanded independence for Kashmir.
    The Muslim-majority Kashmir has long been a flashpoint between nuclear-armed India and Pakistan, which have fought two of their three wars over the divided territory. Both countries rule parts of Kashmir while claiming it in full, reports the Reuters from Sri Nagar dated September 29.
    The next day that is on Saturday police vans fitted with speakers made public announcements in some parts of Srinagar about movement restrictions, while additional troops were deployed to prevent protests, according to officials and two witnesses, adds the Reuters news agency.
    Speaking on Kashmir issue at the UN general Assembly , Imran Khan alleged that things went wrong in Kashmir the moment India violated the Constitution when the Indian government scrapped the provisions under Article 370 that had granted a special status to Jammu and Kashmir (J&K) since decades and decades.
    Drawing the attention of the UN body together with the world leaders converged inside the Assembly hall on the current situation of Kashmir, PM Khan attacked India and said that “the state has been under lockdown since August 5 and claimed that “more than 7,000 children have been put under detention by the Indian Army”. He also said that “there would be a bloodbath when the curfew in Kashmir is lifted”.
    He repeatedly stressed on bloodbath. Will bloodbath really take place?
    “The Pakistani nation will not sit back until Kashmiris are given their right of self-determination, whatever be the cost,” he asserted.
    Khan reiterated his country’s desire for peace, but peace with honor, and said Pakistan wants to resolve the decades-long dispute over the region, saying that it has “assumed the ugliness of human tragedy.”
    South Asian observers say that PM Khan is hoping against hope and asking the absurd as PM Modi is a different political stuff who somewhat resembles with the characters of Adolph Hitler And Benito Mussolini.
    What political stuff is PM Modi who else better knows than Nepal and its population who have in the recent years experienced the imposition of the most inhumane Indian Economic Blockade as we have already mentioned above?
    Sensible Nepali people love to hate PM Modi frankly speaking.
    To conclude: While Turkish President Erdogen was candid in sending message to India to patch the differences with Pakistan then the Malaysian Prime Minister Dr. Mahathir also expressed his serious concerns over Kashmir. Both the Muslim leaders suggested both Pakistan and India to men their differences over Kashmir and restore “normalcy” in real sense of the term in Kashmir.
    To recall, a trilateral alliance is in place that comprises of Turkey-Malayasia and Pakistan.
    The message from Turkey and Malaysia were loud and clear. Other Muslim countries as usual appeared to have been playing double with Pakistan.
    A Nuclear war between India and Pakistan over the disputed region of Kashmir is probable, according to experts, so writes Ruchira Sharma September 30/19 for inews.co.uk.
    This does then demand the intervention of the sensible and the reasonable world leaders and settle the Kashmir issue before it is too late. That’s all.


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