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Babbles: Suited-booted communist leaders

  • Published on: October 23, 2019

  • Suited-booted communist leaders

    Perhaps, after Chinese President Xi Jinping’s advise for maintaining simplicity by the communist leaders, Nepal Communist Party co-chairman Pushpakamal Dahal Prachanda has started to say that those communists, immediately after assuming power, normally become suited and booted and they forget to serve the people. This trend has weakened the party.
    He said the truth. The communist leaders, after they assume power, have overnight changed their lifestyle from a slipper wearing person to the status of eating expensive Marsi rice and drinking Black-Label whisky. They become close to the construction contractors and other controversial businessmen to earn illegal wealth.
    Moreover, during the “people’s war” era, we never saw Prachanda in a suit, however, immediately after he assumed power, we can see him in a suit every time. Doesn’t the new phrase coined by him “suited-booted communist” apply to himself also!

    Deuba and Shitaula’s worry

    When NC’s Aftab Aalam was arrested on the charge of committing heinous murder, NC President Sher Bahadur Deuba and NC leader Krishna Prasad Shitaula have become worried. Instead of condemning such a heinous criminal act and supporting the government for maintaining rule of law, Deuba and Shitaula have expressed sympathy to Aalam and criticized the government by saying that it is practicing autocratic rule. Cannot Deuba and Shitaula wait till the Court’s final verdict about Aalam is given?
    Of course, there are some connections. 12 years ago, Girija Prasad Koirala was the prime minister and Krishnaprasad Shitaula was the home minister, when Aalam was allegedly burnt to death some persons who were still alive to remove evidences. The incident had taken place in Gaur. The Police, the Court, under the political pressure, had kept the murder case pending. Perhaps, with the fear of disclosure of Shitaula’s involvement, he is worried and thus, he has seen the government’s conspiracy against democracy. Perhaps, Deuba also has tasted some salt from Aalam!


    Baburam Bhattarai, semi commander of the “people’s war” in Nepal, in which, above 17 thousand innocent Nepalis were killed, has denounced NC President Sher Bahadur Deuba for expressing sympathy for Aftab Aalam. Aalam is alleged to have killed some people, but Bhattarai is responsible for killing of above 17 thousand people. What about him?

    Traffic jam

    The Kathmandu traffic is very bad. Further, what will happens during the travel of VIPs, can easily be imagined.
    Last week, Bidhya Bhandari went for a foreign trip. She went to the Tribhuvan International Airport by the newly bought helicopter to avoid traffic jam. It is good to know that the government has listened to the public. Yet, a traffic jam was witnessed due to the travel of the Vice President, who had gone to the Airport to see off President Bhandari. Transportation was halted because of the VP’s travel, which caused traffic jam and vehicles were halted for an hour that too during the office time!
    This odd security practice is seen in Nepal. When the executive chief of the country is travelling in the Kathmandu roads, traffic will not be disturbed. Why it needs to be halted when ceremonial president and ceremonial VP are travelling?

    Mahara is clean?

    In the latest development, Roshani Shahi, who had alleged the then speaker Krishna Bahadur Mahara of sexual violation on her, has changed her statement. She, on Sunday, registered the new statement at the Kathmandu District Court stating that Mahara didn’t abuse her.
    Mahara, on the other hand, has given the statement that he didn’t even enter Shahi’s room.
    More likely, now, Mahara would get a clean chit and the drama will be over soon!


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