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South Asian Regional Affairs: Kartarpur Corridor: a diplomatic détente if sense prevails in India

  • Published on: November 14, 2019

  • By N.P. Upadhyaya

    Kathmandu: A naughty and perverted BJP leader Vineet Agarwal Sharda was in the news recently for accusing Pakistan and China of “releasing poisonous gas ” that caused the heightened pollution in Delhi-NCR over the past week.

    Poor BJP joker.

    To recall, this BJP leader Sharda had become very popular during the campaigning for the Lok Sabha polls, when his chant of “Kamal, Kamal, Kamal…” soliciting votes in the name of the BJP’s election symbol, had gone abhorrently viral.

    But his speech wherein he opined that Delhi’s high level pollution may have been the handiworks of China and Pakistan has drawn severe criticisms from various quarters, however, for the sake of brevity we wish to bring in two separate comments which have emanated from two different locations targeting this fanatic BJP leader. .

    The first scathing comment is from Sweden and the commentator is a professor of Indian origin working in a Swedish University and the other is from China-India’s declared rival.

    The Chinese who has made somewhat terse observation on the BJP leaders’ pollution comment is none less than a former Chinese diplomat Lijian Zhao who had his comfortable  stint in Pakistan and he has recently returned to his home country upon completion of his diplomatic assignment duty in Islamabad.

    Let’s look into the first comment made by Professor Shri Ashok Swain: He says, “These guys were even capable of blaming Pakistan and China for India’s population growth”.

    Prof. Swain has spoken so many things unspoken and thus his comments need no elaboration from our side.

    Now let’s look into what is the comment made by the former Chinese diplomat.

    He says, “What a joker! China sometimes takes the blame, but this time it took the God class blame. One may not draw such a conclusion, even if he or she thinks by the feet”.

    Mr. Lijian Zhao, is currently the deputy director general at the Information Department of China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

    He made this tweet last Thursday.

    Indeed India has lost its charms, if any it had in the past after the insulting days of the slavery had ended with the “voluntary” departure of the British India Company, becomes visible as and when such convoluted Indian brains make some unreasoned comments which in turn invite funny but meaningful comments from various quarters, for example, Dr. Claude Rakishit, an analysts of international standing, makes a comparison of the two neighboring Prime Ministers in South Asia.

    He says, (sic), “The contrast between PM Imran Khan and PM Modi couldn’t be starker”.

    Dr. Claude registers his comments on Tweeter, November 9/19 wherein he compared PM Khan with Modi and notes visible difference in the working styles of the two dignitaries.

    If he finds PM Khan as a man working for peace then PM Modi, as this scholar means perhaps, is a man whose actions appear more to invite violence than making peace in the region.

    In fact PM Modi is a trouble maker who has terrified the entire South Asian region since he assumed the undeserved post of the Prime Minister.

    Dr. Rakishit in subtle manner has high praise for the Pakistani Prime Minister who by opening the Kartarpur Road has made the entire Sikh world happy.

    PM Khan has made a history in fact, the Nepalese believe.

    Fitting tentatively to the line of thinking of Dr. Claude Rakishit, yet another gentleman Tony Ashai says in his Tweeter account dated November 9/19 that “ I am so proud of my friend Imran Khan for opening Kartarpur corridor for the Sikh community. We need tolerance and respect for each other. While IK is welcoming Sikhs in Pakistan (then) India is alienating Muslims with Babri Mashjid verdict. In all this the agony of 8 million Kashmiri is lost”.

    The same Tweeter man Tony further writes “It would have been unimaginable in 1947 if someone had told the SIKHS that your biggest Gurudwara will be built by Muslims. This is why we must keep hope alive because God works in mysterious ways. One day Kashmiris will live in peace with Indians and the Pakistanis”.

    After more than 70 years, Indian Sikhs were able to visit one of the religion’s holiest sites by crossing the international border with Pakistan without a visa.

    The Pakistan government under Imran Khan made an exemplary gesture towards the Sikhs across the world, more so to the Indian Sikhs by making their travel easier to Gurudwara Darbar so that the Sikhs could bow their heads in front of the Guru whom they take as their most revered religious personality.

    The Kartarpur Corridor is a 4.1 kilometer (2.5 mile) overland passage that links the Dera Baba Nana shrine in northwest India’s Gurdaspur with the Gurdwara Darbar Sahib in Kartarpur, Pakistan, writes the CNN.

    The Sikh temple-known as a Gurdwara-of Darbar Sahib is believed to be where the founder of Sikhism, Guru Nanak, lived and died at the start of the 16th century.

    Gurdwara Darbar Sahib, situated in Kartarpur, is considered to be the second holiest place for the Sikh community.

    This is 120 km away from Lahore and situated in a small village of Kothey-pind at the bank of River Ravi-at a distance of only 4 km from Pakistan-India border.

    Braving the high inner pains but yet the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Bhai Damodar das Modi on Saturday thanked his Pakistani counterpart Imran Khan for respecting the sentiments of India.

    This he may have said with a heavy heart.

    The opening of Kartarpur Sahib Corridor before the 550th birth anniversary of Guru Nanak Dev has brought us immense happiness, the Indian Prime Minister Modi reiterated.

    PM Modi is not that much comfortable with the opening of this corridor as he believes that this passage may be used by the Pakistan side to “export” terrorism in his country. However, the fact is that India is the biggest exporter of terrorism in the entire South Asian nations, for example, Nepal is a classic case for having been the center of target of the Indian establishment since the very first day of the unceremonious emergence of the Indian republic in 1947 in South Asia.

    Since then the smaller countries housed in this landmass have been subjected to Indian terror.

    India is very expert in inviting saleable political personalities from the neighboring countries and later trains and indoctrinates them and at an opportune moment, and uses those indoctrinated political men to create troubles in the countries from where the leaders have had been picked up some time back.

    Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan on Saturday inaugurated the much-awaited Kartarpur Corridor in Punjab province, paving the way for thousands of Indian Sikh pilgrims to visit the highly revered Kartarpur Sahib Gurdwara.

    PM Khan repeated his desire to make peace with Indi provided the latter reciprocated.

    To recall, India and Pakistan are not in good terms after the Indian annexation of Kashmir August 5.

    The inauguration of the Kartarpur Road comes ahead of the 550th birth anniversary of Guru Nanak Dev, the founder of Sikhism, on November 12.

    Meanwhile, former Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh led the first delegation of Sikh pilgrims as they crossed into Pakistan through the Kartarpur Corridor.

    Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh was also part of the ‘jatha’ while Cricketer N. Sidhu was the chief guest at the opening ceremony in Pakistan.

    “I hope India and Pakistan relations (will) improve enormously as a result of this beginning,” former India’s proxy Prime Minister Dr. Man Mohan Singh told PTV as he walked towards the Pakistan side, terming the occasion a “big moment”.

    Dr. Singh is the one who damaged Nepal by encouraging Shyam Saran in the early 2006 who used the then Maoists residing in New Delhi, if one were to recall.

    Amarinder Singh, the bete noir of Nav Jot Singh Siddhu told the Dawn news that they were all happy because it had been a desire of the Sikhs to visit their religious sites in Pakistan for 70 years.

    Film actor turned BJP man Sunny Deol too visited Kartarpur Saheb. Nepal’s undeclared leader “Indian Ambassador M.S. Puri” was also spotted in the Kartarpur ceremony.

    In the meanwhile, members of the Sikh community last Saturday continued to arrive from all over the world, according to a reports made by the Geo News.

    About 8,000-10,000 pilgrims were expected to arrive from around the world to mark Guru Nanak’s 550th birth anniversary.

    Pakistan Prime Minister Khan and Siddhu, a former Indian cricketer, appeared excited in meeting each other at the inauguration venue.

    Khan-Siddhu intimate bond is Pakistan-India relations for the moment.

    The PM of Pakistan was heard anxiously asking some high officials as to HAMARA SIDDHU KAHAN HAI (Where is our Siddhu)?

    This explains the level of Khan-Siddhu undefined friendly ties.

    In his speech during the inauguration ceremony, NS Sidhu said, “It is the first time since partition that the boundaries have been dismantled. No one can deny my friend Imran Khan’s contribution. I thank Modi ji also for it. I am sending a Munnabhai MBBS-style hug to you Modi saheb for this.”

    Visibly, PM Khan’s love and honor for Siddhu was evident.

    But if the entire Indian establishment takes Siddhu as a close man of Pakistan (more so of PM Khan), however, for Pakistan Siddhu is a stable and friendly link in between the troubled relations of India and Pakistan.

    To put it bluntly, looking at Siddhu-Khan relationship in these months, what could well be said that NS Siddhu is Pakistan’s Goodwill Ambassador to India.

    In a true sense and that too without hurting the sentiments of the common Indian nationals, what could be now said bluntly that it was this Indian Cricketer who has of late acted like a bridge in between the two rival nations-India and Pakistan.

    Thanks General Qamar Javed Bazwa that he sounded to Siddhu last year that Pakistan has been thinking for the opening of the Kartarpur Saheb Road which shall allow the Indian Sikhs to pay their homage to Guru Nanak Sahab.

    Later NS Siddhu made strenuous efforts inside his country in making the idea primarily floated by General Bazwa a grand success.

    And that it has already been a “triumph story” in that the Kartarpur Saheb corridor is open for the entire Sikhs despite the clandestine Himalayan efforts made by the BJP regime under the tight control of the Hindu terror machine PM Modi to avert this happening.

    PM Modi have had to give his positive nod simply because there had been intense pressure from within and without for the opening of this corridor.

    Modi must have shed tears.

    With the opening of this small strip for the Gurudwara in Naruwal, Pakistan, some mentally retarded brains in India have begun suspecting the very credentials of the Pakistan Prime Minister Khan for having exhibited his promptness in opening of this Sikh corridor inside his country.

    These stinking biased scholars fear that this Corridor may encourage the KHALISTAN supporters to step up their activities for a separate Khalistan State by 2020 with the meaningful support of the Pakistani government.

    This is baseless in that if the Sikhs across the world so desire they can accomplish this task on their own. They have the capabilities to do so and they will do so without asking for foreign support.

    It is the declared avowal of the Sikhs residing in Canada, the United Kingdom, America and Australia that by 2020 they will leave no stone unturned for the formation of their desired separate state of the Sikhs: the KHALISTAN.

    Look what this perverted scholar says of the Kartarpur corridor under a Hindustan Times headline “The corridor is a trap that Pakistan has set for India” penned by Sushant Sareen dated November 11/19.

    The writer Sareen says, “The Pakistanis have found Sidhu useful. They have identified him as a person who can further their agenda, even if inadvertently and unwittingly. The way Bajwa made him the messenger of the corridor decision, the way the Pakistanis are projecting him as the man who made the corridor possible, the importance they are giving him by treating him as the real representative of Sikh sentiment and a friend of Pakistan — all suggest that the Pakistanis see in Sidhu their trump card to muddy the waters in the Indian border state. Sidhu should guard against this. It is possible that Sidhu sees this is an opportunity to come into his own”.

    The perverted brain claims that “it will not lead to a diplomatic détente (between India and Pakistan). Instead, it gives Islamabad more leverage to use the Khalistani card”

    How NS Siddhu and Pakistan establishment react to this accusation shall have to be watched.

    Yet Nepali observers say that this road could be a diplomatic détente if India understand the good intentions of its neighbor. Kartarpur passage is definitely a diplomatic détente.

    PM Khan now bags the moral support of the entire Sikh community for his affention shown towards the Sikh community.

    Obviously Modi’s loss is Khan’s gain. Simple mathematics.


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