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Who are our real friends?

  • Published on: November 14, 2019

  • By D.M. Thapa

    While reading a news commentary on the first page of a popular vernacular weekly that comes out on Wednesday, one felt quite happy. For in the commentary, the writer had said that Nepal never needs worry about the dangers to her international boundary as it had “a very strong security tier to protect it”.
    It said, quote “The international boundaries are protected by the Nepal Army and it has hundreds of military barracks in all parts of the country. The Armed Police Force mans all the international entry points at the borders and the Nepal Police looks after the internal security of the country with it having stations all across the country right from the ward levels”. It assured all the people to stay assured about their security to each individual, as these three tiers of security forces were protecting the international borders.
    What was baffling was that this very weekly always exposed the weaknesses of the security forces on a continuous basis, and many people, including senior officers and lower level soldiers read this magazine avidly. This author also has to sheepishly admit that the paper was very “spicy”, but it also had much more information than other papers. I can vouch for that. Perhaps that was the reason it was the most well read vernacular weekly in the country.
    But it was ironic that the very next day, news broke out of how India had included some parts of Nepal within its new map. Maybe encouraged by the international silence on the way India annexed Jammu and Kashmir, it felt encouraged to formally annex some lands of Nepal as well. Indian decision makers must also have been confident by the fact that virtually all the top leaders of the leading political parties in Nepal were in its pocket and the so called civil society leaders only repeated what they were told by India and some outsiders.
    Repeatedly I am asking where are the Dr. Sundar Manis, his cousin Kanak Dixit, the human rights activists, other fire breathing nationalists and the so called “outspoken” political leaders of the major parties? Cannot Pradeep Giri. Pushpa Kamal Dahal the firebrand leader of the then Maoist, communist student leaders and others utter one word now? But perhaps they are fed by the same hands and like thieves caught together they say, “you remain silent and I will do the same”.
    Specially Pushpa Kamal Dahal, who speaks like a real revolutionary leader and a person who had challenged not only the Nepal Army but also the US Army, whom he said his forces would defeat them exactly like how men played with irritating mice is also silent.
    The US is now talking of Nepal being a major hub for international terrorists, including the Islamic terrorists from India, but, it remains silent on India’s open handed daylight robbery of Nepal. It is sure the United Nations and the righteous European countries will also keep silent except say that we should find out some settlement through dialogue, like our own government has done. One still remembers when the full might of the United States and its European allies attacked Iraq with sophisticated weapons and bombs, until Iraq was forced to bow down and its leader Saddam Hussein was later captured and hanged under US command. That is in their interest, though one feels saddened by the plight of the Iraqi people now when a “dictator who was amassing weapons of mass destruction” was gone. The same happened when during Margaret Thatcher’s time, Britain used all its might to take back the Falklands Island from the Argentineans and ridiculously, there were hardly one thousand Britons living in the Falklands. The situation has become worse now with many Islamic states like Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and Syria among others being directly attacked by the US and its allies, but where are the Norwegian peacekeepers when these countries really need them?
    The world virtually kept silent when India gobbled up Jammu and Kashmir and the human rights situation there was horrendous with many people getting killed and denied of their civil rights.
    In Nepal also the silence has been deafening, except for the token protests of some real well wishers of Nepal and some students, otherwise the revolutionary leaders, the vitriolic civil society and rights leaders are mum till now. India know this and they also know that other foreigners have tutored them well to protest only against the then King.
    Where is the Dahals who said the people will force the King to run away even from Nagarjung Palace which has been given to him as a sanctuary by the “soft hearted” parties who proudly claim almost twenty thousand people were killed and much, much more were displaced. Where are the Dixits who say Modi, the Indian PM, is a friend of Nepal and we must work to take “something” from him? Actually a physician like Dr. Sundar Mani and his cousin Kanak Mani, should stick to their respective professions and not dabble in politics at the instigation and “money” (Mani?) given to them by foreigners and similar media outlets ready to highlight what they say.
    The few experts that are there who closely monitor Nepal’s international borders and also locals in the affected areas have repeatedly said how Nepal has been encroached upon from the South and how the Nepalese are mistreated by the Indian security forces, but the so called mainstream media never highlight such issues. Meanwhile, India seems contended by making only its External Affairs Ministry spokesman to say a few soothing words at the same time hurting the Muslims in Hindustan by saying a Mandir should be erected in what was once a Masjid. Only one vernacular daily boldly said that this person had also said that what India has included in its map is India’s territory.
    The map of Nepal has shrieked in the South from East Mechi to West Mahakali due to encroachment, and much water have flowed through both Mechi and Mahakali, by the time this article is printed and some other developments have taken place. But perhaps we should still feel assured by what the vernacular weekly has said how we have a strong three tier security force presence which can protect our borders and allow all Nepalese to feel secure. Just look at the plight of people in Susta, Kala Pani and many parts where the “Junge Pillars” were the real marks that divided Nepal-India borders have been shifted and then we will know the reality. But the good side is now probably the general people have also realized who our real enemies are in the republican, secular and federal Loktantrik Nepal. If not, at least we can hope so.


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