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Angry people protest against construction contractors

  • Published on: November 20, 2019

  • Angry people protest against construction contractors

    When the construction contractors didn’t start construction works giving trouble to the commoners and the government has been unable to punish the contractors, the angry people have started to demonstrate against the construction contractors.
    The Bhaktapur-Nagarkot road had to be completed three years ago if the construction contractor had constructed the project on time. Nagarkot is the tourist destination and this road is important. However, the Shailung Construction owned by Sharada Prasad Adhikari, also owner of the house where Nepal Communist Party co-chairman Pushpakamal Dahal Prachanda lives at present, destroyed the black-tapped road for expansion and upgrading of the road. Adhikari, by using political leaders’ influence, is, time and again, extending the tenure of construction contract. Now, helpless locals in Nagarkot, who are facing huge losses in their tourism business, expressed their anger by printing posters with Sharada Prasad Adhikari’s portrait and pasted them on vehicles running in the area. A caption is also written on the image, “All should be beware of contractor Sharada Prasad Adhikari, who failed to complete the construction works on time”.
    Encouraged from such an act of locals, the people and local entrepreneurs in Dolakha, who are suffering for years due to the bad road portion of Khandichaur-Charikot portion, has published and placed the poster with the photograph of construction contractor Deepak Sapkota of the Sunaulo Khimti JV in public transports.
    Delaying construction projects by the contractors for years has become a serious disease. As the political leaders and senior level officials are being rewarded by such contractors, they remain silent on such delays, furthermore, the government is extending the construction tenure again and again of those contractors who had to be punished and black-listed by the government. Helpless commoners who have been suffering, have started some action against those bad contractors now. Good start!

    A big joke!

    Nepal Communist Party’s proposed vice chairman and chief of the organization department, Bamdev Gautam has announced that his party will bring socialism in the country through ballots.
    He further claimed that if NCP government is allowed to work for five years, Nepal will reach to the Indian standards in five years and within 10 years, Nepal will catch the Chinese standard.
    Already, we have witnessed the performance of the NCP government for about two years! Therefore, can we trust about this claim of Gautam? Or is he making a big joke only!

    Where are the original documents?

    Interestingly, the government couldn’t find the original document of the important Sugauli Treaty! The government has no original map of Nepal! Also, the government has no original document of the 1950 Treaty. Can a nation function in such a manner?

    Patient business

    Interestingly, the private hospitals have become a venue to make money for those investors by squeezing the patients! Just recently, a hospital in Kathmandu threw a lavish party for the ambulance drivers in Chitwan inviting local ambulance operators. The hospital representative distributed dresses for the ambulance drivers. The marketing representatives then requested to the drivers to bring patients in the hospital which he was representing. As a reward, he announced Rs seven thousand per patient. Perhaps, this can be defined as “socialism” formulated by the communist government!


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