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  • Published on: November 27, 2019

  • Pathao and Tootle targeted

    By keeping aside other important works, the government is taking steps against Pathao and Tootle which are providing bike sharing service and which are getting more and more popular in Kathmandu.
    Last week, the Transportation Management Department issued a notice stating that bikes with private numbers cannot carry passengers. From Sunday, the Traffic Police in Kathmandu has started taking action against those bikers providing bike sharing service.
    In a very short period, bike sharing service became very popular as it was convenient and cheaper for the users. As taxi operators were taking more amount than the amount displayed on the meters, the general public had almost stopped to ride taxi.
    Furthermore, those bike owners, mostly students, were associated with the two companies and doing part-time job while making money for their study. Thousands of youths are being benefited from the start of the bike sharing service. The government also is receiving VAT from the service providers. However, the taxi operators faced challenge on their monopoly business. This is the reason, the association of the taxi operators manipulated officials in the Transportation Management Department and the Valley Traffic Police.
    In Kathmandu Valley, where public transportation mechanism is very poor, travelers were receiving good service from bike sharing service, on that too, the government has tried to create hurdles on the basis of decades old transportation law. May be, the government is going to achieve the goal of prosperous Nepal by taking such negative decisions!

    Working at last hours

    SAG is about to start soon. Less than one week remains before the kick-off of the SAG. Still, the inaugural venue, Dasharath Stadium is under construction. SAG organisors are working 24 hours to complete the renovation works of the 2015 earthquake damaged stadium.
    Why Nepalis don’t work and complete preparation works on time, it is very much surprising.
    During the visits of VVIPs, Kathmandu looks very beautiful. Roads are blacktopped overnight. Sadly, along with the return of the VVIPs, the very city looks very clumsy. Why the government doesn’t think about keeping Kathmandu beautiful permanently?

    Onion price

    After India stopped export of onion, the onion price has reached Rs. 200 per kg in the Kathmandu market. It is shameful for Nepal, an agricultural country, which is solely dependent on India for the import of vegetables including onions.
    More seriously, it is a message for the Nepalis that if there will be scarcity of any of the agriculture products in India, she will not supply that to Nepal as well. For example, if there will be less rice production in India, she will stop exporting rice to Nepal. It is okay, we may not use/consume onions, but what alternate do we have if India stops exporting rice to Nepal?
    Dear planners and rulers, be serious on such possible consequences!


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