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Prachand rejects ‘China-India Plus’ cooperation model, visiting China soon

  • Published on: November 29, 2019

  • Kathmandu, 29 November :Chairman of the ruling Nepal Communist Party Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachand’  has said that Nepal should not agree to ‘China-India Plus’ cooperation model pushed forward by the two immediate neighbors.

    Inaugurating a one-day seminar entitled “Strengthening Cooperation Between Nepal and China; People to People Relations and Role of Media” organized by Nepal-China Media Forum in the capital, he stated that Nepal is in favor of trilateral cooperation between China, Nepal and India, but not the ‘China-India Plus ‘ concept.

    “I believe, the China-India Plus concept does not talk about equal shares between China, Nepal and India, rather, it suggests that the first two countries will have bigger roles and the third one will have fewer roles when it comes to forging such partnership,” Prachand observed.

    “Nepal cannot become merely a transit point between the two immediate neighboring countries. Rather, Nepal should also have its equal share when we forge such partnership. Recently, Chinese President Xi Jinping visited Nepal after spending some hours in India. Why did he do so? We also need to take these things into consideration,” he said while suspecting that Xi and Modi might have developed some sort of common understanding vis-à-vis their relationship with Nepal.

    Expressing strong dissatisfaction over India and Prachand said that India’s continued encroachment upon Nepali territories is intolerable adding that the border-related issues should be resolved through diplomatic and political dialogues.

    “Nepali territories Kalapani and Susta have been encroached by India for long. These border issues should be resolved through dialogue. This is an opportune time for the government to take up this matter with India since there is an all-party consensus on the issue,” he said.

    He also said that media can play a significant role to foster ties between the two countries. “In this era of advanced technology, media plays huge role to enhance ties between societies and countries. Connectivity through media is also equally important,” he said.

    He also revealed that he will visit China soon. He has said that he is going to the northern neighbour upon an invitation from Chinese President Xi Jinping.He said, “I am leaving for China leading a delegation at the invitation of Chinese President Xi Jinping. I’ll be going to Beijing and meet Chinese officials.”

    He is confident that this visit will play a significant role in winning people’s confidence and support.He further added that his visit would further strengthen Nepal-China ties and will also help in facilitating the agreements signed between China and Nepal during the visit of President Xi Jinping.He, however, did not say when he would be visiting.

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