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Janamat Party without janamat

  • Published on: December 4, 2019

  • Janamat Party without janamat

    CK Raut’s Janamat party candidates were even unable to cross 500 votes in elections in nine local body posts in No 2 province. Their deposits were confiscated. Janamat is known as the people’s mandate or referendum in English.
    Contradiction has been seen in the name of the party and the party candidates’ popular vote!

    When Red Fort collapsed!

    The Nepali Congress didn’t do good in the by-elections. However, in Bhaktapur Province Assembly member’s election, NC was able to defeat the NCP candidate. In the past, UML candidate had won the election. This time, the candidate belonging to the former Maoist Center was contesting election but he was defeated by the NC candidate.
    Accordingly, Dharan is known as the Red Fort since 1957 as always, the communists were being elected. This time, by breaking the past record, NC candidate got a victory in the election for the mayor’s vacant post in Dharan Sub Municipality.

    Dahal’s popularity

    Chitwan is Pushpakamal Dahal’s electoral constituency. He has diverted huge funds from the government coffer to secure his political future. Perhaps, Chitwan is the second district in receiving a large number of the government projects after Damak, Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli’s electoral constituency. Furthermore, to strengthen Dahal’s position, his daughter had been forcefully elected to the post of the mayor of the Bharatpur Metropolitan City. In addition, Dahal is frequently visiting Chitwan to secure his politics.
    Unfortunately, in the by-elections to the four posts of ward chairmen in the metropolis city, none of the NCP candidates could secure a victory. Although, NC has lost many posts in the by-elections, in Chitwan, the party swept away all four vacant posts. Since such a defeat of NCP in Chitwan elections, political observers have started to evaluate Dahal’s popularity in his own home constituency.

    The retirement age

    Again, the government has introduced 60 years as the retirement age for the civil servicemen. Until the 1990 political change, the civil servicemen’s retirement age was 60 years. However, to promote relatives and pro-party officials, without doing necessary homework, the then prime minister Girija Prasad Koirala sent a new ceiling of 58 years and many of the capable officers were retired in bulk. Also, after Koirala started the politicization process in the bureaucracy, the process has continued till now. Therefore, Koirala is solely responsible for destroying the otherwise strong Nepali bureaucracy.
    By exceeding the age limit for two years, the government will save 1.5 billion rupees, according to reports. Thanks to the political leaders for making efforts to save government funds!


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