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  • Published on: December 11, 2019

  • Politics of destroying the nation?

    Again, a debate on ecological impact from the construction of the Nijgadh International Airport has started. Responding to a writ petition of some Kathmanduites, who claim themselves as environmentalists, the Supreme Court has ordered the government to stop all the processes of constructing the Airport, including cutting down of trees on the site. The environment experts have expressed concern on the deforestation of a large number of trees, thus, they have urged to cancel the Airport project at any cost.
    Of course, the construction of the second airport is a game changer on Nepal’s overall development. Therefore, our neighbours, who always want to see Nepal under their financial protection, never want to see the construction of such a project in Nepal.
    It is not surprising to note, those environmentalists, who have always remained silent on the destruction of the holy river of Bagmati in the capital city by discharging all the human wastes in the river, who are silent on destroying Kathmandu’s fertile agro-land by constructing concrete buildings, are very seriously concerned about deforestation of the Nijgadh forest!
    Presently, due to congestion at the Tribhuvan International Airport, aircrafts bound to TIA are kept on hold for hours. How much carbon dioxide is being discharged in the Kathmandu sky while keeping on hold aircrafts in the sky, are the environmental experts aware of this?
    Considering the limited options in constructing an international airport, experts say, such an airport cannot be constructed in any other areas, except in Nijgadh. Therefore, should not Nepal construct another international airport, shouldn’t Nepal pave the way for development and prosperity of the nation?

    3000 MW electricity surplus in five years?

    Experts have started debate on waste of hydropower here as there will be more than 3000 MW of electricity which will be more than the nation’s demand within five years.
    This babbler, who had seen serious conspiracy on construction of the Arun-3 mega hydropower project three decades ago, also sees an ongoing conspiracy in delaying the Melamchi drinking water project since decades ago. So Babbler believes that the present debate could be a debate against construction of infrastructural projects in the country.
    Of course, Nepal, to catch the international race and to become a developing nation from the stage of an underdeveloped nation, is in strong need of her investment in infrastructural sectors.
    If the country will have surplus electricity in five years, the government should develop plans to consume the locally produced energy. The nation can also think about establishing a fertilizer factory and also a silver factory which will consume huge amount of electricity!
    If the government will distribute electricity at subsidized rates, industries and local people will use more electricity. According to a survey, cooking food by electricity is much cheaper than by using LP gas, which is imported from foreign countries. If the government encourage locals to cook food by using electricity, the country could save foreign currency and also could reduce its deficit on foreign trade!

    Poor Nepali players

    The stories of Nepali SAF game players are very heart-touching. Although, Nepal stood in the second position while bagging gold medals, the struggle of Nepali players was very terrible. The shooting participant had to borrow guns and bullets from foreign players; bicycle race participant had to borrow bicycles with others, some Nepali sportsmen had to borrow sports shoes and also to borrow swimming suit as well!
    Kudos to the Nepali players, even by forgetting all these pinches, they have been able to boost Nepali’s glory!

    Another story of SAG

    Also about the SAG Games, the preparation for it was horrendous. The roof topping of the main stadium, Dasrath Rangashala, was completed just a few days before the grand opening ceremony. It was a huge experience in mismanagement. But like in all sectors, mismanagement is the silent mantra of all our political leaders and bureaucrats as well.
    But this has become the national trait in all sectors, where mismanagement opens the doors for hasty decisions and some individuals find it easy to pocket some extra money! But treating fans who had come to support the Nepali players in an unmanaged style was seriously disturbing.
    Maybe we need a real strong leader, whether it is in politics or sports, before Nepal can really make a great leap forward, exactly like what late Mao did to China, though he was criticized for his brutal actions.


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