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  • Published on: December 18, 2019

  • Melamchi water in Kathmandu or expanding Kathmandu to Melamchi?

    When the Kathmanduites will get the opportunity to drink fresh water from Melamchi, it is uncertain. For the last several years, the government has been claiming that within one year the Melamchi water will come to Kathmandu, yet, that “one year” hasn’t come for many years.
    Again, the present minister for drinking water has given a new deadline that within a year the Melamchi water will reach Kathmandu.
    Along with migration of the uncontrolled flood of people in the capital city, Kathmandu Valley is expanding rapidly. If the expanding process will continue, instead of Melamchi water arriving in Kathmandu, Kathmandu may expand to Melamchi River!
    Rule of law in Nepal!
    Currently, the country enjoys the rule of two-thirds majority government. This means there is a very strong government.
    How such a strong government is functioning, everybody can experience.
    One example is that the Supreme Court had asked the government to remove all structures within 65 meters from the bank of the Fewa Lake in Pokhara within six months. It has already been two years since the SC had given such a verdict, yet, the government has not listened to the Court. The government seems totally reluctant in implementing the Court’s order! This is perhaps said to be the “rule of law”!

    MKN meets Indian envoy

    The ruling party Nepal Communist Party and Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli had assigned Madhav Kumar Nepal as the special envoy of PM Oli to hold talks with the Indian authorities to resolve the ongoing border dispute and the dispute on encroachment of Nepali territory in Darchula district. For weeks, Nepal is waiting for his meeting with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi as the special envoy of the Nepali PM. Modi is yet to give an appointment to Nepal. Therefore, perhaps, he felt satisfied after meeting with the Indian ambassador here on 9 December! This is perhaps a reflection on the state of Nepali diplomacy!
    One may recall, during the “autocratic” panchayat era, Nepal was able to be elected as the non-permanent member of the UN Security Council, that too for two times! Leaders of the day should compare what was the state of diplomacy in the “autocratic” rule and the present “loktantra era”!


    Yes, we have seven provinces. Out of the seven, four provinces are functioning without a name. Also, the leaders are not able to identify the capital of some of the provinces. Yet, we laude loktantra!
    This is the loktantra that we need to collect foreign grant to strengthen federalism, republicanism and secularism! For how long should we receive foreign grant in preserving and strengthening these loktantrik achievements?

    Nepal sure to stand first in the 14th SAG?

    Nepal secured the second position after India in the 13th SAG held in its homeland. The next SAG is going to be held in Pakistan. If the present standoff between India and Pakistan will continue, it is sure that India will not attend the next SAG. In absence of India, perhaps, Nepal may stand at the first position! Wow!

    “Police Your Friend”

    The Nepal Police has placed banners with the quote “Police Your Friend” at different crossroads. Whether the Police is the public’s friend or crooked person always menacing the helpless, this Babbler requests the IGP to watch a clipping of the Police kicking out one sports fan who had gone to the Dasharath Stadium to watch the final game of the football match on Tuesday!


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