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American influence in Nepal

  • Published on: December 25, 2019

  • PM’s twitter account

    The CIB of the Nepal Police is investigating on the possible misuse of our Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli’s official twitter account after the incident of re-twitting Indian opposition leader Sonia Gandhi’s video clip condemning Indian PM Narendra Modi’s government.
    The re-twitted video was removed later, however, it became viral in social media, as well as, in some Indian newspapers.
    How such a blunder — which could affect the government to government relations between Nepal and India — took place in the PM’s account, it is very much astonishing! Either the PM himself or his team of personal aides who know the password could have re-twitted the video. When such negligence can take place in our powerful PM’s office, question arises, how strong is the security of the PM’s office!

    The other face of PM Oli

    Many times, we have seen our Prime Minister KP Oli saying that his government would have zero tolerance on corruption. Surprisingly, the very Oli is found openly favouring the Yeti Group in promotion of its business! Recently, the cabinet meeting chaired by Oli endorsed a decision to extend the lease tenure of the Gokarna Forest Resort for another term of 25 years before the expiration of its tenure after six years. Some clauses on the previous contract were changed to reward the Resort to the Group.
    The Yeti Group has become the most influential business organization in the country exploiting government property for its business purposes.
    What could be the interests behind blindly supporting the Yeti Group’s business, it is a question, however, PM Oli has exposed himself and shown the other side of his face!

    Cold wave and relief materials

    Every year when the cold wave hits the Tarai districts and we see reports about the people suffering from the cold wave, it is frustrating.
    We have local government, province government and federal government as well. The constitution has guaranteed the right to live to all the people. Why the three governments are unable to manage warm clothes on time for those poor people who really suffer from such cold waves every winter?

    Fate of Nijgadh international airport

    Already we have above 44 percent forest area in the country. The proposed Nijgadh international airport will affect only 8 percent of the forest area. Even though, we are making a huge hue and cry and even the Supreme Court has expressed concern on deforestation during the construction of the airport. Those all concerned sectors should know that the government, at the cost of cutting-down one tree, has to plant minimum ten saplings. Thus, it will further increase the existing forest land.
    Do they, who are opposing the construction of the next international airport, have any other alternate to challenge the experts’ reports prepared and verified for the last two and a half decades? Whether we feel happy while aircraft staying on hold in the sky for hours due to the heavy air traffic at the Tribhuvan International Airport or should we have an alternative?
    Don’t we wish to have an international standard airport equipped with two runways for this landlocked country? Shouldn’t we try to develop our infrastructure or should we always remain as an underdeveloped nation? Many questions are there!

    American influence in Nepal

    The American Millennium Challenge Corporation grant project worth 500 million US dollars has become an issue of big debate in the Nepali political arena. Perhaps, this is the first time that Nepalis are hesitating in accepting the American grant offer!
    This is, of course, declining American influence in Nepal. American ambassador Randy Berry had to develop a video clip explaining that MCC is not the part of American military alliance against any particular country. Even though, many of the communist leaders are not ready to trust the Ambassador.
    There could be many reasons behind the distrust on the Americans. One is the American embassy’s arrogance and mistreatment of those Nepali officials working in Kathmandu embassy. They rely on a small group of political leaders, intellectuals and media persons – specifically those close to the Nepali Congress. In fact, the Nepali staffers working in the political and press section are the NC activists.
    As they have proved to be failures in developing public relations with all the sections, especially in media, politics and academic sector, it has finally affected the American policy in Nepal. Isn’t this true?


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