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“Loktantra” for whom?

  • Published on: January 1, 2020

  • “Loktantra” for whom?
    Above 17 thousand innocent people were killed in the “people’s war” launched by the Maoists. Now, they are enjoying the power and during their rule, Yeti Group has emerged as the most influential business house in the nation. Perhaps, the Maoists achieved their political goals by empowering such business groups!

    In response to Amit Shah

    Indian minister for home affairs Amit Shah believes that open borders with Nepal and Bhutan have become security threats for India.
    If so, why doesn’t he talk to the Nepal government to construct a wall in the Nepal-India open borders?

    “Loktantrik” socialism?

    A group of sugarcane farmers have launched a sit-in protest at the Maitighar Mandala for several days. They are the victims of sugar mills as the mills have not paid the price of sugarcane supplied to different mills years ago. Some are yet to receive dues for the last five years.
    PM Khadga Prasad Oli’s government, last year, stopped import of sugar to encourage local sugar mills. Immediately after the stopping of imports, the local sugar mills hiked the sugar price and enjoyed additional profits. On the other hand, those farmers, who have taken loans even by paying 36 percent of the interest rate, are unable to receive their dues from the mills.
    They came to Kathmandu with big hopes but they are compelled to spend cold nights here, even though, the government or the ministers are reluctant in taking action against those mill owners. When the communist government will take side with the mill owners, instead of the farmers, one can define socialism of the Nepali communists!


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