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Sincere foreign agent

  • Published on: January 8, 2020

  • Sincere foreign agent

    It seems, Baburam Bhattarai is a very sincere foreign agent, who always works in the foreigners’ interests!
    Former prime minister and semi commander of the “people’s war” which killed above 17 thousand innocent Nepalis, Bhattarai, the other day, said that Nepal’s existing national calendar based on solar system should be scrapped away with the calendar related to the birth of Jesus Christ for Nepal’s prosperity!
    Not to forget, Bhattarai’s acts are always against the Nepali identity! In Nepal like tiny country, there are 753 local bodies, seven provinces which have already become unnecessary burden for the government. Yet, Bhattarai wants at least 14 provinces. Bhattarai wanted to remove all the statues of kings, poets and national luminaries from streets in the name of expansion of road. Bhattarai doesn’t like Daura-Surwal as Nepali national dress. Some other day, if he will prescribe Hindi as national language, it won’t be an odd as he is concerned about attack in JNU but he is not worried on the plight of Nepali sugarcane farmers!

    Loot on King Birendra’s property

    Nepal Trust was constituted by nationalizing all of king Birendra’s property. The idea was to utilize the property for operation of educational and health institutions. But the Trust seems already turned as a business house and the Trust’s property is being used for commercial purpose, that too, for the benefit of one particular business group, that is the Yeti Group.
    Surprisingly, the government is found amending the Trust’s statute for seven times to reward this Group!
    There is an interesting connection between PM KP Sharma Oli and the Group! Let their friendship flourish further!

    Sarita Giri

    Whose voice does Sarita Giri speak, that is well known to all the Nepalis. In a recent piece appeared in a vernacular daily, Giri has remarked that Nepal’s constitution denies rewarding any enemy country’s citizens. Where is it written in the constitution and which country could be the enemy country of Nepal, a bit confusing!

    Nepal in tunnel era

    The local media have reported that along with construction of the tunnel in Nagdhunga, Nepal has entered into the tunnel era.
    It is good news that Nepal has focused on tunnel highways to make short the distance, not to forget, Nepal had already a tunnel road in Chure hill in Hetauda constructed to shorten the road distance, in 1917 – 102 years ago.
    Of course, Nepal has started the second phase of its tunnel era now!

    Stopping war or inviting war?

    American President Donald Trump twitted a message that he had ordered his force to assassinate Gen Qasem Soleimaini, Iran’s top military commander to stop war in the Gulf.
    Understandably, the present act of the US has further intensified enmity between America and Iran. The outcome could be a bloody war, which cannot be discarded.
    The fact is that America cannot stay without war as the American economy is based on war. The reason is that if there will be a war in the gulf countries, America will be benefited as she can export sophisticated arms in war zone. The Earlier to launching attack on Iraq, Americans had blamed Iraq for keeping weapons of mass destruction (WMD). American won the war but WMD was not recovered from Iraq.
    Questions are there, whether America is ending war or inviting war; whether America is strengthening terrorism or fighting against terrorism; whether America is for peace or conflict!


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