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PM Oli’s interests on speaker

  • Published on: January 16, 2020

  • Palm oil business

    By Babbler

    The export of refined palm oil contributed somehow to narrow the trade deficit with India. Nepal was exporting refined palm oil by importing palm seeds from Malaysia. Now, Nepali businessmen are making a hue and cry as India stopped the import of palm oil from Nepal. The minister is saying that he would request to the Indian government to end this embargo on palm oil.

    It is odd to note, sometimes, Nepal is found exporting pepper, sometime nuts and sometime lentil to Bangladesh. These are not real Nepali products. Smugglers import these items from India and exporti

    them to Bangladesh. The country doesn’t benefit from exports of such products, rather, only the smugglers benefit. Such type of artificial export doesn’t contribute to Nepal’s economy in reality.

    In real terms, if we will be able to export our own products, then only we can contribute our economy enormously. Otherwise, smuggling business will flourish in the to the country that too will not be permanent as we have seen export of palm oil in the past and now also. India sometimes imports palm oil made in Nepal and sometimes stops that.

    Sujata Koirala’s remarks on Kalapani

    Yes, we know, Sujata Koirala, daughter of deceased and controversial leader Girija Prasad Koirala, has no any innovative idea at all. However, she has made remarks on Indian encroachment of Nepali territory in Darchula.

    Sujata believes, as pumped by her foreign bosses, remarked that the best option could be handing over Lippulekh, Limpiuadhara area to India on lease and take financial benefits!

    What a nice idea for selling our motherland!


    Mayors’ category

    There are three mayors in the Kathmandu Valley. Out of them, mayor of Bhaktaapur Municipality is a mayor who speaks less and works a lot, Lalitpur Metropolitan City’s mayor speaks and works. However, Kathmandu Metropolitan City’s mayor neither speaks nor works!


    Why Subhas Nembang again?

    Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has taken a stance that he needs Subhas Nembang as the speaker. Due to Oli’s stance, the federal parliament has become hostage for one month.

    Why Oli needs Nembang?

    One reply was: It is because there is EU behind Nembang! As secularism is being criticized by all, EU wants institutionalization of secularism!


    PM Oli’s interests on speaker

    By Our Reporter

    Why Prime Minister Khadga Prasad Oli has taken keen interest on the speaker’s post, it is puzzling. For one month, due to the dispute between the two chairmen of NCP, the house has been unable to elect a new speaker. All House business has been affected and the Federal Parliament has become hostage of indecision of the chairmen-duo.

    PM Oli is learnt to have said to executive chairman Pushpakamal Dahal that Oli needs a loyal speaker.

    The speaker will be the member of the Constitutional Council. If the speaker will also be loyal to the PM, then it will be much easier to assign tasks in constitutional positions or endorse decisions from the Constitutional Council. Therefore, Oli needs his own man as speaker, according to a party source.


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