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The ugly Americans

  • Published on: January 16, 2020

  • By D.M. Thapa

    No, no, no, I am not saying all Americans are ugly as portrayed ina famous fil a long time ago. In fact most of the Americans are friendly and helpful, which I have seen with my own eyes. It is those individuals in the government and specially the intelligence agencies who are ugly and in fact nasty.

    But to start on other concerns, tension seems to be sprouting in most parts of the world. Mostly it is in the poor and under developed countries, or strategically placed ones where the more powerful nations can play their own political games with their own rules. Nepal is no different and we see miserable “pimps” in all forms in all sectors, who are willing to satisfy the needs of their foreign masters, not caring for their own motherland which is being exploited and taken at the wanton need of foreigners, just like prostitutes in other countries.

    Right now, there is no doubt that the United States of America (US) is the super power of the entire world. The then Soviet Union is a badly fragmented country and only Russia exists, but not strong enough to counter the US like it did in the past. So America is free to do what it wants in any part of the world, As it was one of the few places which went virtually unscathed during both the First World War and the Second World War, it flourished economically and most of the big international institutions are located there. The country has also been able to suck in the most talented people from around the world to work for them. It has a good system, good facilities and other basic needs which all people in the world like to have. No wonder it is the first destination that people from all over would like to go to work or just stay in.

    Furthermore, the Americans are really nice people, like I already mentioned. And specially people like this author, taught by American Catholic missionaries, were astonished by the hard work and sacrifices made by the early pioneers, who made America, what it is now. The women who went to harsh environments, later the coloured people and the Chinese who were equally instrumental in developing that country must also not be forgotten. Nor can we forget the sacrifices of the American youths, who had to go and fight wars in alien lands, just because they were drafted into the army. Perhaps this is the reason why the Americans can still raise their heads high and be proud to say they are Americans.

    But this scene has changed now. Even people like me, who thought the Americans were brave, though they had to steal the lands of the real American natives inch by inch, but they built a solid state, which everyone has to admit that it is the best place, at least system wise. in the world. No wonder, everyone wants to go there, even if the current President Donald Trump is building the biggest wall on all sides. It is a wonder how this individual was elected the President of this great nation, when he had no experience in politics and was just a trader hanging on to the shirt tails of his father who had made some money, again from dealing in real estate.

    But still I would like to say that I love the Americans and their easy going lifestyle. So when I say the “Ugly Americans” as mentioned in a famous movie decades back, I don’t mean the majority of Americans, who are friendly, willing to help and tolerant to even foreigners. I mean the American government which has tried to show off its power in all parts of the world, and specially now in the Middle East and some North African countries. The latest is the escalating tension between the US and Iran. One still remembers the time when American diplomats were held captive in Iran for more than one year, The then President Jimmy Carter, now a famous peace broker, had tried to send in American commandos to release the captive Americans, but this mission fell in tatters when two helicopters of the commandos collided and many of the soldiers died. It was only after Ronald Reagan came to power that the captives were released. One of the Iranian militants who was a prominent member of this invasion of the American Embassy, went on to be the Prime Minister of his country. Ironically before such a political change, Iran was considered as one of the best allies of the US and the then Iranian King was even given the pompous title of being the “Policeman of the Persian Gulf”.

    Now if a third world war starts, it will be because of America. After meddling in so many countries in the region, why should it meddle with Iran as well. The world knows Iran is a volatile country with conservative religious leaders at the helm. It can do anything and not only America, which went unscathed before, the whole world would suffer. An upstart leader like Donald Trump may not understand this, but hurting other nations with different religious beliefs could bring harsh lash backs.

    Who attacked Vietnam or North Korea? Who started the wars in Iraq, Libya, Syria or Sudan among other nations? They were quite peaceful places before, but what is happening in these countries now? The intentions of the US, as a super power and “sheriff” of the entire world may have been good, but the consequences have been disastrous!

    A popular American singer named Kenny Rogers, while telling a tragic tale of a wounded Vietnam War veteran had said “It wasn’t me who started that crazy Asian War, but I was forced to do my patriotic chore”. Of course simple Americans didn’t start all such wars. It was the American government and many people, including young school graduates from America had to suffer!

    So America has to show more restraint. Everyone respects that nation, for what it did in the past to it build itself. We all respect the past deeds of the Americans, but being a super power it must remain exactly like that, not as a bully of the international neighbourhood. Leaders like Trump and his cronies should realize bringing peace in the world will further garner respect for America, but meddling and interfering in smaller countries will bring the country;s credibility down. We can only say that, it is upto them what behavior will be better for that great nation’s image.


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