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Dahal admits killing five thousand Nepalis

  • Published on: January 22, 2020

  • Dahal admits killing five thousand Nepalis

    Out of killing of 17 thousand Nepalis in the Maoist insurgency in the country, Nepal Communist Party chairman Pushpakamal Dahal has admitted that he will take responsibility of killing five thousand people. He has admitted it at a public ceremony in Open Theater in the heart of the city.
    Isn’t this an open challenge to the country’s existing laws, court and security organs? Isn’t this against an individual’s right to live? Can a person who commits killing of five thousand people move around freely?

    Government behind a singer

    It is learnt that the government has given strict instruction to give stern punishment to a folk singer Aastha Raut against the allegation of insulting a lady security guard at the Tribhuvan International Airport’s domestic terminal. The Police have issued an arrest warrant on Raut. Earlier, the Police had released CC camera footage of the Airport, which is illegal. The Police have decided to take action against Raut on criminal charges, which is also wrong. After all, why the entire nation is running behind a folk singer, it is very much surprising. If the TIA authorities can release CC camera footage against a singer, why the authorities are silent on smuggling of 33 kgs of gold?

    What is “loktantra”?

    Nepal is currently practicing the British model of democracy. In the UK, the speaker of the federal parliament will be from the smallest party and mostly a member who is an octogenarian by age. The Speaker should not be attached with the party anymore once he is elected. However, in Nepal, the two chairmen in the ruling party tried to appoint their own man. For one month, the two leaders were unable to take any decision as both had taken stance for deploying their own man as speaker.
    Finally, one chairman stepped back by allowing another chairman to select the latter’s man. Now, the Parliament has almost gotten a speaker, who belongs to one particular party and in the party also, who belongs to the group of one chairman.
    Furthermore, the Parliament is going to elect the person who is facing a murder charge and the case is under consideration of the Court!

    Petrol pipeline or e-vehicle charging centers?

    Nepal doesn’t produce a single drop of petro-products. Nepal is compelled to buy petro-products by spending foreign currency. Nepal’s international trade deficit is at an alarming level due to increasing quantity of import of petro-products. Therefore, Nepal should not depend on petro-products and gradually the country should reduce consumption of petro-products by consuming electricity produced within the country. Nepal, therefore, instead of construction of petrol-pipelines, should introduce e-vehicles consuming electricity. Therefore, Nepal should give priority on construction of e-vehicles charging centers. As many of the European and Asian countries have aimed at replacing vehicles operating from petro-products, Nepal, the country, which has enormous source of producing hydropower, should set a deadline to phase-out petro-products operating vehicles earlier if we really want to make our economy strong!
    Odd to note, discarding all these facts, the government officials are requesting the Indian officials to construct one after another cross-border petrol-pipeline!


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