• Thursday 2nd April 2020

Too Bare for Comfort

  • Published on: January 29, 2020

  • The political drama conceived since 1990 for Nepal had queered a pitch by 2006-007 now threatens bare itself so brazenly that the suddenly aware national population can barely gape at the political indulgence. After the scandal regarding Krishna Bhahadur Mahra who is behind bars pending charges of culpable rape of a girl later revealed to be a liaison for the past over two decades, the parliamentary speaker’s speech which Mahra was forced to vacate was so difficult to replace it seems that the parliament was deadlocked for business until the uncontested choice of Agni Sapkota who just happens to have criminal cases against him in court bordering culpable murder. The choice, moreover, appears to have been so facilitated by the Supreme Court which postponed his hearing on day of his election on grounds that the honorable justice appointed for the hearing shunned the appointment on grounds that it was he who had filed the case against Sapkota at court as an advocate some years back. It is being said that the new justice appointed to look after the case remains yet another former human rights activist. What is being talked about profusely at Sapkota’s appointment is that the new Speaker has his task determined for him with a Damocles sword hovering over his head. That the system has had to stoop so low as to render democracy so farcical is gradually impressing upon the body politic.
    The setting is also proving dangerously farcical. As is being made out, all these adjustments have had to be spurred for the purposes of a foreign donation with requirements of parliamentary approval. Since Nepal is no new recipient of foreign aid, all this political jockeying in public cannot but bear on the population as a poor reflection of the state of the nation. Our politics has gone awry. Our parliament can be brought to standstill. The business of government can be stalled so severely on the question of foreign aid. We are making enemies out of friends. And, our opportunistic diplomacy can be stalled in the process. The expensive drama that is politics these days is beyond constitutional requirements. The country is caught in the grips of politicians who claim their legitimacy by their presence in parliament. They can act at will to suit their choices and not the nation’s. This is what our politicians have reduced the nation to. In the midst of it, the country has had to digest very convenient digressions of constitutionalism on the pretext that these are merely democratic exigencies. The tragedy is that such behavioral flaws were predictable a long time back and the sponsors of political change in the country goaded the change seeking to take advantage of the indulgence to the detriment of this country. It is high time that well-wishers allow the options to emerge before more disaster unless disaster is what has been designed for us.


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