• Saturday 28th March 2020

MCC controversy in NCP

  • Published on: February 3, 2020

  • Kathmandu, 3 February: The Millennium Challenge Corporation grant project is facing crisis from within the ruling Nepal Communist Party. When majority of the central committee members attending the central committee meeting were found against MCC, the CC meeting concluded on Sunday without deciding on it.

    The central committee meeting has constituted a three member task force to study and advise the party high command on MCC. The task force chaired by senior leader of the party, JN Khanal is comprised by Bhim Rawal and Minister Pradeep Gyawali.

    Khanal is against endorsement of MCC in as-it-is condition, whereas, Rawal, strong critic of MCC, believes it is a military strategy of the US aimed at encircling China. Minister Gyawali, however, is in favour of adopting MCC at any cost. As two leaders in the three member task force are against MCC, the grant project is facing crisis from within the ruling party.

    The task force has to submit its report within 10 days.

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