• Thursday 2nd April 2020

Who are the agents and brokers of the capitalists?

  • Published on: February 5, 2020

  • By PR Pradhan

    Again, sugarcane farmers, who failed to receive payment against the supply of sugarcane from different sugar mills on the government given deadline, have announced that they will be launching a second round of protest in Kathmandu.
    There is a communist government. The Ministry for Industry, Commerce and Supplies is led by a former Maoist leader. The Home Ministry is also under a former Maoist leader. Even though, the farmers, who are the major political base of the then Maoists, are helpless as they are unable to get long dues from different mills.
    Earlier, the Minister for Industry had said that the mill owners were out of the Ministry’s contact. However, when the Kathmandu media and MPs strongly put pressure on the Minister, he was compelled to announce an arrest warrant against the mill owners. Immediately after such a warrant, the mill owners reached the Ministry and gave a deadline with the commitment of clearing all the dues of the farmers.
    Newspapers were following the case and alerting the concerned ministries that the mill owners are going to miss the deadline, but the government remained silent. Why is the government reluctant from taking action against the mill owners, it is surprising. Obviously, there is strong friendship between the leaders in the government and the mill owners, hence, the leaders in the government are hesitating to take action against the sugar mill owners.
    Nepal Communist Party chairman Pushpakamal Dahal, addressing the concluding session of the NCP central committee meeting, claimed that he is not under the grip of the brokers and capitalists, however, in practice, not only him, but all those leaders in the government are under the strong grip of those brokers! This is the reason that the farmers have become victims of sugar mills. If the government is not under the grip of the sugar mills, the government can suspend the bank accounts of the mill owners, compelling them to surrender immediately.
    At a time when the party’s chairmen duo were boasting about the achievements made by the majority Communist government, NCP’s central committee members were pointing out the government’s poor performance, bad governance, rampant corruption, nepotism, favouritism, sycophancy, anti-national deeds, etc.
    Why has the Yeti Group being rewarded in all sectors, NCP CC members have pointed out and asked questions about this.
    Why Pushpakamal Dahal’s house owner is being rewarded with a large number of construction contracts, yet another question to the NCP high command!
    Is the system functioning?
    NCP CC members have remarked that the politics of ethics and values have already ended due to lack of honesty among the political leaders and due to the strong domination of money in politics which is true. Elections have become very expensive. As candidates have to spend huge amounts of money during elections, those corrupt people will get opportunity to become the people’s representative and those honest leaders will have no chance to get elected. The NCP CC members, thus, were talking about replacing the present political system by a directly elected executive chief of the government or the nation. In a country like Nepal, such a directly elected chief executive will be much more harmful. Such a system may invite an autocratic rule and there is a high chance of foreigners’ influence and intervention in the nation.
    Even today, we have the government enjoying comfortable majority but we are facing threats on our democratic rights. We blame the institution of monarchy for curtailing democracy and introducing autocratic rule. Even during the monarchial rule, democratic values were respected and individuals were enjoying their fundamental rights. During the monarchial rule, we could experience independent court, independent parliament and no intervention on functioning of state organs like at present. Democracy is, in fact, a rule of law, which we could see during the monarchial rule, which, we lack today.
    Of course, the present political system, which has been imposed by the Westerners to serve their own interests, is not functional in Nepal. And the prescribed directly elected executive chief model of system is very much harmful for the country. We need a system having a mechanism of check and balance — the two pillar system having a permanent institution of monarchy with an elected parliament. All the experiments have proven that we need a power balancing political system, whether one will accept it or not!


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