• Friday 21st February 2020

Nepal prepares to rescue Nepali students from Coronovirus-hit Wuhan

  • Published on: February 6, 2020

  • By Our Reporter
    At a time when many western countries have already rescued their citizens from Wuhan, the epicenter of coronovirus outbreak, government of Nepal has also made preparations to rescue Nepali citizens from there.
    After a marathon discussion in a Cabinet meeting on Monday on the issue, the government has decided to bring the Nepali students home from China. However, in lack of proper place to keep them in isolation in Kathmandu, the government has not fixed the date to airlift them. Again, there are some formalities which should be completed before sending planes to bring them in Nepal.
    Meanwhile, Minister for Health, Population, Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs Bhanubhakta Dhakal Tuesday told the House that the government was in stand by position to rescue Nepali students from coronavirus infected Chinese state.
    Responding to the quarries of lawmakers in the House of Representatives, Minister Dhakal said that Nepal government was waiting to complete some formalities from the Chinese part.
    “We are in stand by position to rescue our students from China but the situation is not easy, as the airport was already closed in the province where coronavirus widely spread, we need to get special permission from the central Chinese government which is in progress,” he said.
    The government, according to Dhakal, was planning to rescue students from China and keep them in special observation for at least fourteen days. The rescued students will not be allowed to be in public contact until and unless they medically confirmed safe.
    According to him, Nepali embassy in China has announced to fill firms to the students to get rescued from there. One hundred and eighty students had filled their firms till Tuesday. “All Nepali students will be rescued soon,’ the minister said.
    Before this lawmaker Prakesh Rasaili had asked the government to rescue the student as soon as possible. He also asked that the flights to China need to shut down till the virus gets under control.
    Likewise, lawmaker Pradeep Yadav suggested keeping the students at the parliament building if there was no other place to keep themin isolation. “If space is the problem, lawmakers are ready to vacant assembly hall. “We are ready to run sessions in open air,” he added.
    Nobel coronavirus that spread from Wuhan in China since December 31 has now affected all 22 provinces killing 362 and infecting 17351 people. In Nepal, 13 suspects were sent for health examination and only one case was found positive.
    The health minister also said that the government had made isolated wards, 43 beds in three different hospitals.
    \Apart from this, health desks were set up in Pokhara, Chitwan and Bhairahawa. Rasuwa and Tatopanai were considered as the possible risk area.


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