• Friday 10th April 2020

Political leaders receiving hefty money from government fund in name of treatment

  • Published on: February 6, 2020

  • By Our Reporter

    Lawmakers of the federal parliament have been found taking money from the government in the name of medical treatment at a time when poor people have been unable to get basic medical facilities and even medicines. But the lawmakers have been blowing thousands of rupees from the government coffer in the name of medical expenses. Not only that, the government has been paying hospital bills of the lawmakers, who often tend to visit expensive private hospitals even for minor ailment.
    The government pays 50 per cent of the bills if the lawmakers receive treatment in private hospitals and 100 per cent of the bill of the government hospitals.
    Altogether 125 lawmakers received Rs. 2.6 million medical expenses in a year, according to the Federal Parliament.

    Those who received the medical expenses are as follow:

    Prakashman Singh Rs. 132,731
    Gyan Kumari Chantyal Rs.47553
    Narapati Luwar Rs. 41,555
    Pramila Kumari Rs. 37,350
    Ghanashyam Khatiwada Rs. 35,113
    Mina Pande Rs.33,975
    Naramaya Dhakal Rs. 33, 042
    Dularidevi Khatweni Rs. 32, 681
    Laxmanlal Karna Rs. 31,650
    Narayan Prasad Khatiwada Rs. 26,282
    Chandra Bahadur Khaka Rs. 21,644
    Sujata Pariyar Rs. 15, 484


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