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Recalling 19 Magh

  • Published on: February 6, 2020

  • Recalling 19 Magh

    Many political leaders of the day have recalled 19 Magh as a black day against democracy. They have recalled that King Gyanendra took-over executive power, introduced autocratic rule by ending democracy!
    This Babbler, so far, believes that the then King Gyanendra assumed executive power to bring on proper track the derailed democracy.
    Not to forget, the King had just asked for three years’ time with the commitment that he would hold all the elections and handover the power to the government formed through a fresh election.
    Nevertheless, the leaders, who wished to enjoy power without facing fresh elections, saw a hijack of democracy. Furthermore, they had become instrumental in serving the Indians, as well as, Western interests!
    Today, our leaders are dancing to the tune of the foreigners, isn’t it?

    License for journalism

    There are many odd things which can be witnessed in this “loktantra”! The government has tabled a draft related to a new law for the media, in which, one should pass an examination conducted by the proposed Media Council to become a journalist.
    Currently, the Bill is under consideration of the Federal Parliament and if the Federal Parliament will approve the proposed Bill, we need to appear in an examination to write or express something in the media!
    Why does not the government introduce a law for the readers for holding a license to read!

    Marijuana debate

    With the support of 46 MPs, the ruling party MP Birodh Khatiwada has tabled a proposal in the Federal Parliament to lift the ban on marijuana farming. He says, with the marijuana farming, Nepal can become an economically prosperous nation. Marijuana farming can support lifting the living standards of the Nepali farmers, he has said.
    Sure, in some states in the US, marijuana is not banned. Even in Canada, ban on marijuana has been lifted as it is a useful medicine for the humankind.
    If so, why not the Nepal government think about marijuana farming by introducing effective laws that except from medical purpose, it

    should not be consumed!

    Every day, we read reports that the police are arresting people and destroying marijuana plants. If the government will allow marijuana farming for medical purpose, it will be a good source of earning money and collecting revenue for the government. I agree with the 46 MPs but how can we curb the misuse of marijuana as drugs by our youths, it is a burning question.
    Otherwise, we also can transform our remote villages by allowing a license for producing homemade Rakshi and Chhyang as these products can be a good source of revenue collection for the local governments.
    These days, a South Korean company is supplying bottled Chhyang. If the government would have allowed local people to produce Chhyang, our domestic industry could have flourished.
    Even today, producing Rakshi or Chhyang is illegal, the government has not been able to check its production. It is better if the government could earn revenue by legalizing production of these items.
    Also, the government has neither been able to control prostitution nor been able to control crime related to rape cases. If the government will allow running prostitution centers by providing license, at least, it could collect revenue and also control crime related to the rape cases!


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