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CG Communications bullying the government

  • Published on: February 12, 2020

  • By Our Reporter

    CG Communications, which is learnt to have holding license for providing telecommunication service in rural areas, is bullying the government to grant permission to operate mobile service.
    STM Telecom Communications Pvt Ltd was permitted by the government to provide telecommunication service in rural areas along with the government grant worth 11 million 865 thousand rupees. Later, the company was acquired by the CG Communications. Since change of the name, the new company is forcing the government to provide license to operate mobile service.
    Binod Chaudhary, chairman of the CG Group, also an MP from the Nepali Congress, by influencing the previous government was able to endorse a decision from the cabinet for granting operation of mobile service within the country. By showing the very cabinet decision, the Communications is bullying the government for permission to operate mobile service.
    On the other hand, Minister for Communications and Information Technology, Gokul Banskota says that the government organ to provide license for mobile service is Nepal Telecommunications Authority. However, the CG Communications tried to bypass the Authority and endorsed the decision from the cabinet of the outgoing government.
    Nevertheless, Banskota says that the Communications, if it comes with completing all the necessary formalities, it will get permission without any delay.
    “The government is not going to be afraid from any kind of warning,” the Minister said. To recall, the CG Communications had held a press conference alleging that the government denied to provide permission to operate mobile service at very cheap price.


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