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Knowing students and causes of absence

  • Published on: February 12, 2020


    Nepal has constitutionally ensured the rights of education to the entire citizen. Inclusive democracy has reinforced education rights of the people. But the government is not completely successful to provide the chance of education to economically, professionally as well as gender and age wise to the people by their spare time. That is to say, the goal of the government is to provide education to all groups of people varying age, profession, sex, economy and so on but preparation is not enough. For example, there are no enough schools and teachers for working and elderly women in their spare time even in the city area then what it mentions in the village. At the same time, students in campus classes in Nepali universities, either girl or boy, are not financially of same status. This article focuses on varieties of campus general students among same normal age group, their causes of becoming absent in class, disturbances teacher has to bear with absence and unpunctuality and some advices to the stake holders.
    Varieties of Students
    One can see students of different statuses in the same campus class. Some students are government job holder or the private job holder. The private job varies from non-government offices like private tutors to the juniors, any institution, media, boarding school, hotel, restaurant, grocery, household works and so on. Again, these students have different levels of job while comparing the bachelor’s and master’s level classes. Yes, there is also a group of those students who are financially dependent on their parents. A few students go to the class early in the morning by own vehicles whereas the majority of the students go by public vehicles. However, there are many students who prefer to go to the campus by enjoying the morning walk even having financial capacity to afford the public vehicle or having the own vehicle. We can see difference of the students in their dressings, shoes in the season, the rate of bags, mobiles, and breakfast they eat during interval and so on. Very few cases are seen difference in the students age wise where they are married or unmarried. There is another group of some students who take admission in the two faculties in different campuses to have many degrees at the same time even in the same shift.
    I would like to add one more quality of the students who are capable or willing to do all the class and home works, whatever may be the cause of doing or not doing the prescribed works.
    Causes of Absence and Unpunctuality
    As we see the varieties of students in the campus classes, there is no any single cause of absent for all types. Many students have financial cause as major, however, the well-to-do belonging family students, who become absent, are negligent to the class and the prescribed works. The students, who have own vehicles or who prefer to come to the class by doing morning work, are always punctual. At the same time, the students who come to the class by the public vehicles are many times late in the class due to shortage of vehicles or insufficient number of vehicles. But in some other cases, we find that the students become absent having no any scarcity of vehicle fare rather they attend alternate classes in the two campuses in the same shifts for more than one degrees during same time. Very critically to mention that there are many other students who become absent because they work in other’s house or in the hotel as cook or scrubbers.
    Adverse Effects of Absence and Unpunctuality
    The teacher especially in the first morning class has very much disturbance to run the class with all prescribed works in the class due to unpunctuality of the students because they use to appear in the class any time. These unpunctual students ask frequently “May I come in, Sir/Madam?” which discontents the flow of spontaneity of teaching and grows the irritation in the teacher. The teacher has to repeat the same thing so the course of that day remains incomplete which will disturb the next class automatically. Irregularity of the students hampers the entire prescribed works doing for the internal evaluation. The teacher has to complete the course at last surfacially only for making them ‘capable’ to touch all the questions.
    Advices to the Universities and Government
    Getting degree at campus level is not only the matter of desire and fond but it is also full of responsibility to be a capable global citizen to communicate with any one and about any new matter. The government can get benefit from the healthy and the capable citizen. To try to earn many degrees at the same time and in the same shift of class by betraying the laws and the administration in the university is a severe crime which cancels even the extra degrees at same time. Even the very student does not get mind concentration at study while pursuing many degrees at the same time. The job providing government and the non-government agencies must tally the date of certificate issues of the candidates who claim many degrees.
    It is the prime duty of the government to provide education to all citizens. So, the educational budget must be more than the previous. For financially poor students, scholarship in campus should be allowed very fairly to genuine ones. For general financially poor students, the government should provide them a chance of internship and small scale of earning from their training period. They can be assigned to visit other related entities with small jobs by the universities in the government and the non-government sectors.
    Number of public vehicles should be increased at least in the early morning and during rush hours. Public vehicles must provide more security measures for female passengers. I do feel that to have a new habit of getting up more early heartily is a good way to be regular and punctual who has no complain of scarcity of vehicles.
    (The writer is the lecturer at the Patan Multiple Campus, Patandhoka, TU)


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