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Nepali dependence

  • Published on: February 13, 2020

  • Nepali dependence

    According to reports, there is nobody at the health desk at Tribhuvan International Airport to monitor the body temperature of those who arrive from abroad and the thermal scanner indicating body temperature is out of order. Those visiting to Kathmandu are monitored by the Chinese medical officials.

    It seems, the Nepal government is fully dependent on the Chinese side on screening of the possible corona virus affected people flying to Kathmandu!

    In spite of reports on the preparation of treatment of corona virus patients, there is no progress at all from the government side.

    Progress on Arun 3 hydel project

    Finally, the Nepali banks have become ready to invest on the long awaited Arun 3 project. Now, it is hoped that the project construction works will kick off.

    There is a decades long story on the construction of this mega hydropower project. Nepali intellectuals and UML leaders put pressure to the World Bank to cancel the project some three decades ago. After cancellation of the project, the Indians came to invest in the project. For years, the Indians occupied the project and finally, they have become successful to construct the project with Nepali depositors’ money from two private sector banks!

    If the Nepali commercial banks were able to fund in the project, why we needed to handover the ownership of the project to the Indians?

    Are Budhi Gandaki, Upper Seti and other mega projects waiting for foreign ownership in these hydropower projects?

    May be, this is the Oli nationalism of handing over projects to foreigners but managing funds by the country itself!

    Why are we paying tax?

    In every step, we are paying tax and the government is collecting it. Actually, we pay tax to receive service and facilities from the government. What facilities we the people are getting from the government, we don’t know. We know that the government is misusing taxes collected from the people. The so called “People’s representatives” are purchasing luxury vehicles, enjoying salaries and facilities from the taxpayers’ money. Furthermore, they are travelling to foreign countries, that too is okay but the “people’s representatives” are exploiting the government revenue through corruption. Are the people silent spectators of all these acts of our leaders?

    Is Bijaya Gachhadar honest?

    This Babbler knows Bijaya Gachhadar since his student days. He was the don when he was studying in the Mahendra Morang Multiple Campus in Biratnagar. He was jailed on the charge of murder of a Leftist student in the Campus. He is from a poor family.

    His good days started along with his assignment as the minister for communications and information by Girija Prasad Koirala.

    In fact, Koirala is the leader who always assigned somebody to collect money in every cabinet led by him. Gachhadar got this job. Other NC leaders were Mahesh Acharya, Gobindaraj Joshi, Khum Bahadur Khadka, Jaya Prakash Gupta, among others, who were known as Koirala’s treasurers. They had to give money to Koirala as per his demand. In this way, these leaders started to collect money illegally to meet the demand of Koirala. Corruption practices had been institutionalized in such a way. Once these leaders knew how to make money, their habit of making money continued forever.

    It is surprising that today, the entire NC party is organizing demonstrations to show Gachhadar as a clean leader! Sure, those all involved in corruption should be punished. But NC is totally wrong while demanding a clean chit for Gachhadar! Is the entire NC party a platform of corrupt people? May be, party president Sher Bahadur Deuba is afraid of investigation on the wide body Airbus aircraft purchase deal! The fact is that no political leaders are aloof from their involvement in corruption!


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