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175 Nepali nationals evacuated from Hubei

  • Published on: February 16, 2020

  • Kathmandu, 16 February: Out of 185 Nepalis applied to be evacuated from the province of Hubei,175 Nepali nationals from six different cities across Hubei Province of China arrived Kathmandu from Wuhan on a chartered Nepal Airlines “Annapurna” flight late Saturday, according to Nepalese Embassy in Beijing.

    6 Nepalis were denied to board the plane after they showed symptoms of fever and 4 Nepalis decided to stay and not go back to Nepal. Necessary procedures including temperature checks were completed before boarding the plane,” the embassy stated.

    As per the decision of the Nepal government, the Nepali nationals have been evacuated and sent to home from various Chinese cities including Wuhan, the epicenter of the deadly coronavirus.

    Of the 175 nationals, 170 are students, 1 employee, 2 visitors, and 2 children, according to the Nepal Embassy in Beijing. The flight was departed to Nepal at 00:52 AM (local time) and arrived at Tribhuvan International Airport at around 04:00 AM (loal time), according to a press release issued by the embassy.

    The embassy arranged six separate vehicles to bring the Nepali nationals from different cities of Hubei Province to the airport.

    “The numbers of Nepali nationals from the six cities who boarded the flight are as follows: Wuhan -55, Enshi – 26, Shiyan – 29, Yichang -8, Jingmen -9, and Jingzhou – 48. Of them, 134 are male and 41 are female.

    All the evacuees were made to sign a document.

    People’s News Monitoring Service


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