• Monday 6th April 2020

India unilaterally constructs buildings in no man’s land

  • Published on: February 17, 2020

  • Kathmandu, 17 February : The Indian side has unilaterally started constructing government buildings on the no man’s land without taking permission from Nepal.

    Although there is a provision that the Indian side should seek permission from the Nepal government to construct any structures, the Indian government is constructing buildings on the no man’s land unilaterally.

    The Indian side has already marked the four corners near the Pillar number 752 to erect a government building. The process of construction started after the Indian government handed over the land belonging to Dudhwa National Park to the Department of Customs, India. The Indian government has also given permission to construct a building on the land, according to media reports.

    People’s News Monitoring Service


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