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175 Nepalis brought home from Wuhan

  • Published on: February 19, 2020

  • By Our Reporter
    Almost one and a half months after the outbreak Covid-19, the government of Nepal brought 175 Nepali nationals from Hubei, the epicenter of coronavirus that killed nearly 2,000 people in the Chinese province.
    Nepal was probably the last Asian nation to evacuate her citizens from Wuhan. Although the government made claims that it would soon rescue the Nepalis trapped in Wuhan, it took weeks for it to realise its plan.
    Although delayed, the rescue of Nepalis brought smiles on the faces of the nervous Nepali citizens and their families, who were anxiously waiting for their evacuation from the epicenter of the Covid-19..
    On Sunday morning, the government evacuated 175 of 180 Nepali nationals who had filled up form seeking their evacuation from Wuhan, Hubei province of China.
    The Nepalis, mostly students, were airlifted by a Nepal Airlines (NA) special flight that flew from Kathmandu to Wuhan.
    The evacuation flight took off from Wuhan Airport and arrived at Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA) on Sunday dawn.
    The rescued Nepalis expressed joy on being able to return home.
    Of the rescued, 134 are men and 41 women including two children. The evacuees were then taken directly from the Airport via a special bus to the quarantine center set up at the Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) Training Center in Khartipati, Bhaktapur before dawn. They will remain in the quarantine for two weeks.
    All the returnees have overwhelmingly thanked the government for the rescue and the current facilities they have been put at safely at Kharipati. The social media on Sunday was flooded with messages of gratitude towards the flight crew, medical team, the health ministry and all the authorities involved.
    Likewise, the members of the flight crew of the NA aircraft that brought back the Nepali students have been taken to another site at the Drinking Water Training Centre in Nagarkot. They include three pilots, two nurse and seven other crew members.
    Those put under quarantine will not be allowed to meet with their family members or outsiders.
    Covid-19 has now claimed 2,004 lives in China, according to the latest data.
    There are now 74,185 confirmed infections in mainland China and more than 500 cases in other countries around the globe.


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