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Economics of onion and garlic

  • Published on: February 19, 2020

  • Economics of onion and garlic

    When India stopped export of onion to Nepal, we saw an odd increase in its price. It was more expensive than the price of chicken. Again, when China closed its borders with Nepal following the outbreak of the corona virus epidemic from Wuhan, the garlic price skyrocketed.
    Nepal is an agricultural country, yet, we are solely dependent on foreign markets even in vegetables and rice. Time and again, Nepal faces such incidents due to the lack of vision of our political leaders and policy makers. Furthermore, this is the result of totally relying on Adam Smith’s theory of demand and supply. Our economists, who are educated in Europe and America, believe on a free market economy, are of the view of giving no incentive or subsidy to the farmers, which is wrong in the Nepali context. A country like Nepal, thus, has to adopt a protective economy along with active participation of the government undertakings with the capability of intervening the market anytime. Such a policy will help curb and curtail the middlemen and brokers and the general people will get relief. Currently, both the farmers and consumers are being exploited by those middlemen and brokers. To end the strong domination of those brokers and middlemen also, the government should remain prepared to intervene in the market by constituting effective government undertakings.
    The main thing is that instead of encouraging imports of items that can be cultivated in Nepal, Nepal should introduce the policy of self sufficiency on such good. Otherwise, Nepal may face more serious outcomes in the future. If there will be famine or war or similar disaster, the foreign countries, including our neighbouring countries, will not export rice. What will we do at that time, let’s think in time!

    Valentine culture

    It is okay, we cannot go against love as it develops harmony and relations in the society. But it is not okay to import millions of worth of roses from foreign countries by a country like Nepal which is already facing serious trade deficits! We should not spend on such non-productive things and the government should remain alert as ultimately, the government has to manage foreign currency for imports of such items.
    Yesteryears, during our love affairs days, we had never heard about the Valentine’s day, yet, we were in love. We didn’t exchange roses following the Western culture. We should understand that when we adopt foreigners’ culture, we will start to forget our own culture. We have also loving god Lord Krishna. On the Lord Krishna’s birth anniversary day, we can celebrate “love day”, why we chose Valentine’s day to demonstrate our love affairs!

    Our couture, the best culture!

    Our neighbouring country China is badly suffering from COVID-19 epidemic. Around two thousand people have already been dead and above 70 thousand people have been infected from the deadly coronavirus. The virus is transmitted through different sources including handshake with the infected one from one person to another person.
    Handshake is not our culture. We greet with Namaste when we meet each other. Also, eating many persons from one pot is not the Nepali culture. Even while going to the toilet, according to our religion, one should not speak. Washing hands with soil and water (when shops were not available) after going to toilet are our basic culture. Understandably, our ancestors had developed such regulations just to stop transmission of deadly disease from one person to another!
    Perhaps, the traditional Chinese culture is not to greet with handshake! Let our young generation learn from our traditional culture and also let Chinese learn good things from the Nepali culture!

    Trust on court

    It was about one month ago, one of my friends had said that Mahara was going to get a clean chit and was going to be freed soon from the jail.
    Coincidently, Mahara has got a clean chit. Rare to note, Mahara, who lost the speaker’s position, faced the jail term on the charge of attempt to rape a lady staffer. Later too, several individuals faced rape charges but they were released on bail. Why Mahara had to face a jail term? Is there some sort of setting somewhere else on cases under consideration of the court also? Is the court independent then?


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