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Not a new disclosure!

  • Published on: February 19, 2020

  • By PR Pradhan

    The then Maoist supremo Pushpakamal Dahal, while celebrating the “people’s war day” on 1 Falgun, i.e. 13 February, disclosed that the then NC President Girija Prasad Koirala had time and again phoned him to accelerate the armed insurgency in the Kathmandu Valley for a heavy bloodbath on the eve of 2006 April uprising.
    Such a disclosure came from the horse’s mouth, nevertheless, the incident was not a secret as we all were aware about every happening since the start of the insurgency by the then Maoists!
    The Maoists got birth under the ndian plan of destabilizing Nepal. The Maoists were sponsored, trained and even received logistic and arms support from the Indian intelligence forces. The Maoists, from the beginning, were used by the Indians and worked in the Indian interests of destabilizing Nepal.
    Immediately after the Dacca SAARC Summit, the 12-point deal was endorsed between the then seven parliamentarian parties and the Maoists in New Delhi under the initiative of the Indian intelligence and officials in the Indian external affairs ministry.
    The agreement was drafted by the officials in the Indian external affairs ministry, according to Narayanman Bijukche, a member of the seven political parties which had developed an unholy alliance with the then terrorist declared Maoists in insurgency.
    The Indians had not expected Nepal’s veto against Afghanistan’s membership in SAARC and Nepal’s proposal on bringing China as an observer in SAARC. When the then King Gyanendra raised these issues, the Indians wanted to punish King Gyanendra. The Indians had wished to bring Nepal under her security umbrella. During the sideline talks in Dacca also, Indian prime minister Manmohan Singh had expressed the Indian wish, which King Gyanendra had bluntly rejected.
    During the talks, the Indian PM had questioned to the King that why Nepal was siding with China! In reply, the then King had said that who was responsible in pushing Nepal towards China!
    These are the backgrounds of the 2006 April uprising. Later, Westerners also joined the Indian plan to end the institution of monarchy and declare Nepal a secular country by paving the way for Christianization of the Hindu nation Nepal.
    While addressing the event, Dahal has revealed that if they had failed to endorse the comprehensive peace accord, the Maoists were about to finish. Due to Koirala’s initiatives, the Maoists are alive at present as well, Dahal has indicated this issue, which is true! As the Maoists were unable to continue the insurgency or rather their terrorist acts, they had launched a final war along with bloodbath of hundreds of innocent people in Kathmandu in the name of peaceful demonstration. They were covered by the seven parties and thus launching a bloody inhuman action. For example, the murder of police force at the Thankot Check Post at a time when they were taking dinner can be illustrated.
    Koirala, an egoist person, who was afraid of defeat against the King, had given full protection to the Maoist rebels for mass bloodbath of the innocent people in Kathmandu. In this regard, Koirala is responsible for the bloodbath initiated by the Maoists.
    After all, for what purpose, the Maoists killed above 17 thousand innocent people? Why the Maoist PLAs sacrificed their lives? What the victims of war who fought for the Maoists achieved? They have no answer! Of course, very few of them have been empowered and have become ministers and their wicked bosses have even become prime ministers in Nepal. In fact, according to the PM’s press advisor Surya Thapa, the Maoist insurgency has pushed the country 50 years back as they destroyed important infrastructures of the nation!
    What can one hope from these people who fought and killed innocent people just to enjoy power? What can one expect from those who were creating bloodbath in the country as per the design of the foreign powers?

    PM Oli’s big claim but nothing remarkable!

    On the occasion of the completion of two years in office, Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has made a big claim of achievements. He said that to remain in power for two years itself is a big achievement, which is true. He presented a long list of achievements, however, nobody is satisfied with the PM’s claims. The PM is leading the government with an absolute majority, even though, the government’s performance has been unable to satisfy the general public. Indeed, it is not because PM Oli didn’t make efforts for achievements, but because the present system is non-functional. When the government seeking foreign loans to meet the expenditure of the governments in three levels – federal, provincial and local level – how long will can the system be functional! Will the system bring prosperity when the three governments, to meet the salary and allowances of those people’s representatives, imposing tax everywhere by squeezing commoners be enough? In the early days, politics was considered as a social service, now, this loktantra has recognized it as a service to be rendered only after receiving monthly salary, in addition, money received through corruption and commission. Already, the loktantra has become very costly for the commoners and it has already been proved that it is non-functional in the Nepali soil. None other than the very political leaders, except from those few leaders, who are dancing to the foreigners’ tune, have felt the system as expensive and unaffordable for the poor Nepali people!


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